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Good Story and Characters

Her Rebel Heart - Jamie Farrell

Lance should have been getting married but five days before the wedding his fiancee- Allison- called everything off including them. Allison said her life was going in a different direction. Lance was at the bar with a beer in front of him but lance didn’t know how to embrace being single again as he had been out of the dating scene for three years. . Then a petite woman stood next to Lance and ordered a shot and offered to drink his beer and Lance told her to go ahead. But he did recognize this woman next to him was out to make someone jealous and the woman admitted it and said she was off men right now. But Lance felt more normal around her. Then Lance was kissing her but it felt wrong as he didn’t even know her name. He apologized then left the bar. Four weeks later Kaci was at the festival with her students who were all ladies of the Physics club at James Roberts college. Kaci’s team should have won as the third pumpkin should have broken in the air but instead it went farther than her team's pumpkin had. Then Kaci recognized the guy who had kissed her at the bar and left. He was military and a pilot. Kaci should have known. Lance recognized Kaci also but she had accused his team of cheating . Tara was Kaci’s roommate and more level headed that Kaci. Tara stopped Kaci from going to redneck at times. Kaci’s ex husband was Ron and he dumped her because she wouldn’t drop everything and start a family. Then Ron showed up at Kaci’s office and said e was in therapy and wanted Kaci to go to one session with him. But for Kaci that was a no. Then there was a trivia night at the bar and Kaci and Tara went and Lance was there also and Tara  And Kaci lost to Lance and his team again. Then ron came up to Kaci and asked if Lance was bothering her and Kaci kissed Lance. Lance and the other pilots were known as the flyboys and they had a mascot which was a stuffed wild boar named Gertrude and Tara and Kaci stole her. Then Lance’s pilots stole Kaci’s jeep. Kaci was invited to a conference in Germany to give a speech on her research in physics but Kaci was terrified to fly. Kaci’s father had been a pilot and died when his plane went down. Lance turned out to be everything Kaci needed : he believed in her, he challenged her and he accepted her. But he was being deported and hadn’t told Kaci. I liked this story a lot. It made me laugh out loud at times. The plot was great and the writing was good. Kaci cracked me up .Lance was a good guy but he should have told Kaci sooner that he was deploying. But then neither of them had wanted to be anything but fun with each other. But things don’t always go as planned. I was happy Lance tried to help Kaci get over her fear of flying. Also that Kaci did actually go to her conference and had more lined up in the future. I loved the characters of this story and the ins and outs of the story and I recommend this.