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Great Story and Characters

Ice Wolf - Jane Godman

Arctic werewolves could only shift or be killed  during the light of the midnight son. The midnight son called to the arctic werewolves like the moon called to other werewolves. Gunner was the alpha of the arctic werewolves and Santin of the Siberian werewolves was the alpha and enemy of the Arctic wolves. Santin went after Gunner with a silver knife but Elliott jumped on his back and Gunner’s hand was the only thing affected. Elliott Wilder was a professor at the University of Alaska. Elliott knew his colleagues regarded him as an oddity. The fact is Elliott was a loner, eccentric person. Gunner sat in Elliott office. Elliott taught Arctic anthropology. Gunner had been Elliott’s mentor and Gunner told Elliott Santin was back and has threatened Elliott personally. Gunner said Santin will come after anyone Elliott cares for. Elliott said he had no family or friends so there was no one for Santin to hurt him with. Elliott felt guilty for turning Gunner down but he already had PTSD. He’d only know this the last fifty years. For three hundred and fifty years Elliott thought he was losing his mind. Seven- only seven Arctic werewolves- the bravest and the strongest alphas made up The Brotherhood. As Elliott was set to leave he heard his name being called, the woman was an Arctic werewolf and she was Jenny Piper- Professor J E Piper and she wanted to discuss a collaboration between their two departments. But she was three hours late. Then Elliott found he had a flat and Jenny offered to call a friend who would fix it and have it back to Elliott in the morning and she would give him a ride home tonight. Jenny gave Elliott the outline of her proposal they could share resources and expertise. But that would mean they share one afternoon a week for the next semester. Elliott already knew there was no way he was going to do a collaboration  with Jenny. Jenny was determined about the collaboration and Professor Wilder was hot and she would get him to agree.jenny wondered what had happened to Professor Wilder as Arctic wolves were sociable not solitary. Jenny wasn’t alone by choice, she had barely made it to her teens before her family had been murdered by hunters. Gunner showed up at Jenny’s home. Before Elliott even got to his apartment Santin was there and barefoot meaning he was ready to shift. But Elliott could only shift with the midnight sun. There was a unique bond between Arctic werewolves. Elliott had almost forgotten what physical attraction felt like but he was definitely attracted to Jenny. His inner wolf was setting the pace and that seared Elliott. Then Gunner told jenny they would be going to meet with the   Brotherhood. Jenny was never meant to be alone she craved the security and organization of a wolf pack. That is why she hadn’t hesitated when Gunner suggested she join the elite Brotherhood. It offered everything jenny had been missing: fellowship, belonging, loyalty, and a common purpose. It also appealed to Jenny’s warrior spirit. Three werewolves showed up at jenny’s , gunner and Jenny slowed them down long enough to leave. Then Elliott and Jenny were heading to Jotunheim. When at their hotel before meeting the Brotherhood the next day jenny wanted to go out and play in the snow. Finally Elliott joined her and then his control broke and he kissed Jenny as though he was branding her. He took Jenny back to the hotel room Elliott had tried to fight having sex with Jenny but he gave in. Besides Jenny pointed out that if they had sex as humans she wouldn’t get pregnant and they would not be mated for life. Jenny became Elliott’s obsession. Elliott no longer wanted to be part of the Brotherhood as the nightmares  are already had were enough. Once Santin was dead he was walking away for good. Elliott and Jenny met up with the the other five members of the Brotherhood and went out to the compound. Santin had already been there and destroyed the generator and radio now Gunner could not contact them. Elliott knew better than to want forever he could barely take care of himself with his nightmares and all that his spirit was damaged for anything other than isolation and mediocrity. Elliott blamed himself for Gunner losing his hand but Gunner told him anyone would have paused for a minute and he got to Santin real fast even though Elliott knew he had a silver knife. Elliott found some of that guilt lift from his shoulders. Now to kill Santin.

This was an excellent story I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The plot was great. I loved that Gunner took some of the guilt from Elliot’s shoulders. There is plenty of action and intrigue in this story. I liked there was a Goddess that was the mother of all werewolves also. Jenny and Elliott were a beautiful couple I thought. I hated it when Jenny got hurt and almost died and the pain Elliott felt. All and all a great story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.