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Great Story and Characters

Night Watch: A Novel (Kendra Michaels) - Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

Kendra had just delivered her latest research paper at a conference on aging. She had documented several success stories using music therapy to treat Alzheimer's patients. But there was still resistance in the medical community although not as much as a couple of years ago . then Kendra sees Dr. Charles Waldridge was in the room. It had been four maybe five years since Kendra had last since Dr. Waldridge. It had only been an accidental meeting at a conference. No one had changed Kendra’s life more. But why was Dr. Waldridge here? Kendra had been born blind and had spent twenty years in darkness but then Dr. Waldridge had an experimental stem cell procedure.  Dr. Waldridge’s research had been part of the Night Watch Project. Her mother had browbeaten Dr. Waldridge as well as his staff into seeing Kendra and eventually get Kendra spot on their test group even though the slots had all been full when Kendra saw the doctor. It had been over nine years Kendra let Dr. Waldridge know she would never take her sight for granted. Dr. Waldridge told Kendra to call him Charles and offered to take Kendra out to dinner but Kendra said no she would take him out to dinner. Charles told Kendra how very proud he was of her. Charles wanted to apologize to her for the way he treated her the first couple of years when she got her procedure. He felt he had turned Kendra into a show horse - took her out for the media, medical; conferences, and fund raising dinners. Kendra said she had tried to cooperate but she had also  been going through a lot. Kendra had been Charles’s first great success but Kendra’s reality had changed overnight to go from total blindness to twenty twenty vision. There had been several successes since but at the time Kendra had been the only one. Charles said Kendra had a fascinating sideline as a crime fighter. Kendra said she had consulted with the FBI and  the local police department on a couple of cases. Charles asked Kendra if she was working on anything right now. Kendra told him no she was still recovering from the last case- a serial killer the worst she had ever came across. Kendra had spent months trying to  find him. Then the  same night Kendra had dinner with Charles he came up missing. Kendra is determined to do whatever she can to find the doctor. Kendra sees things others overlook and her other senses are also a lot keen as she had been blind for so long. Then one of Charles colleagues turns up dead. Kendra calls ex government agent Adam Lynch to help her find Charles and discover why the Night Watch Project is under attack. Kendra decides to use herself as bait and Adam will use all his skills and contacts legal and illegal to find Kendra and Dr. Waldridge. Kendra had already been attracted to Adam but doesn’t like to lose control so she had fought the attraction.

I loved this story it was great. There was a lot of action and i really liked that also.Even  though the story dragged at times it still kept my interest all the way through the story. I loved Kendra’s character willing to sacrifice herself and use herself as bait for the doctor that had given her so  much.  Adam reminded me of a character I had read in another story but I still enjoyed his character and he was all in to find Kendra and the doctor. This was just an interesting story with the different kind of research and how Kendra helped the FBI and the local cops on some cases.  It was just an all around good and interesting story as far as I am concerned. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story. I highly recommend.