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Highlander Bride Taken: Omnibus - Lynda Belle

The future Lady McFarris was to be bridal tribute between her father and Lord McFarris to seal the clan truce. Lord Mcfarris was eighty one and the future Lady McFarris was eighteen but she knew her duty to her family and clan. She meets her soon to be nephew in law Conall as  she stumbles on the step of the carriage and he catches her. The soon to be Lady McFarris wishes Conall was to be her husband and the man who took her on her wedding night. On her wedding night lord McFerris falls to sleep when he was suppose to make love to his new bride. Then Conaal steps in and performs the duty for his uncle but he wanted her from the moment he seen the new Lady McFarris.

This was a short novella and I just couldn’t connect with the characters or the story. I understood the plot but you needed more story and a real ending.