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When In Rome...Find Yourself: A Sweet New Adult Romance (Volume 1) - Lena Mae Hill

Rory has problems with anxiety and decides to try for a study abroad program. Rory does have a passion for photography. She wants to go to Rome to study. Rory worries about what people think of her and weather they are really close to her. Rory starts to fall for Ned but fails to get his attention. Ned is her hot and stoned roommate. Rory felt Ned was the only person she could really be herself with. Rory did get into the program she wanted and had been there six weeks.

I simply could not finish this book it just did nothing for me and certainly didn’t hold my attention in any way. Then though Rory is in Rome it really doesn’t mention anything about Rome really. This story also dragged for me.I found for me Rory was annoying. Also this story didn’t seem believable in any way to me. Does Rory know Italian and wouldn’t being in a foreign country only add to her anxiety ? Just not the story for me.