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Great Story and Characters

Puppy Love - Kelly Moran

Avery and her daughter Hailey had been traveling for two days and finally got to the town of Redwood Ridge. Hailey was autistic and her father had given up full custody and didn’t even want visitation. If Hailey got too much stimulation or someone touched her especially her head she had a fit or tantrum. Hailey didn’t talk. Avery’s mom had moved to this town ten years ago. Avery hoped this town would be good for Hailey. Hailey was seven. Justine was Avery’s mom and had inherited some cabins from an aunt and she rented them out to tourist and she also owned a second hand store called thrifty. Avery dozed off and forgot to lock the back door and when she woke up Hailey was gone. Hailey often took off not because she wanted to run away but she lived inside her head and Had no concept of danger. Avery found Hailey in the woods with a puppy who was missing part of his leg and bleeding a lot but Haley had connected with the dog the first time she really connected with anything.  Avery, Justine and Hailey took the puppy to the pet hospital and Cade just happened to be still there he was on call anyway.Cade took the puppy and told them to come back tomorrow to see him. Avery ex was Richard who was Hailey’s father. For the first time in a long time Avery felt attracted to Cade. Richard had made Avery quit her job after they were married to be at his beck and call. Then he used Hailey to further isolate her from everyone. Cade was attracted to Avery also. Then Avery was hired to be the pet hospital’s office manager as  the current manager was her bosses aunt and she wanted to retire. Then Avery organized the whole office for the vets and techs even for the pet groomer. Cade’s brothers were also vets one was deaf but did well. Then Avery got talked into becoming the head of the Events committee which all the money earned by the different events went to charity. She even got the oldest brother Drake to smile. Cade was being as patient as he could be. Avery realized they were in a relationship even if it was hidden or so she thought. The night of the Valentine's Day Dance Drake pointed out to Cade that Cade was falling for Avery and before this Cade had kept things casual with any woman he seen since Drake became a widower and still was a shadow of himself since his wife’s Heather's’ death who had been his HS sweetheart. He never wanted that kind of pain.

This was an amazing story I loved it. How Hailey made friends and even went on overnights with her friend.  I loved how Cade was with Hailey actually his whole family and the friends Avery had made.I also loved how Cade was as patient as he could be when at times…… just a beautiful romance and one of my new favorites. Also it calls attention to autism and that being autistic does not mean you aren’t human and can’t care. I applaud the author for her portrayal of Hailey . Great plot great story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.