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Good Story and Characters

To Rome, with Love - T A Williams

Sarah let herself into the apartment quietly as she figured James may have already went to bed. But instead she found a note from James calling off their wedding with only a week left before the wedding was suppose to happen. Sarah and James had known each other since college and had been living together  for seven years now. The wedding had been James Idea yet he walked away. Sarah went right back to work she thought it might be better for her to be busy at her job but it wasn’t easy nor was the week before but Sarah got through it. Sarah had worked at Hall’s tours for nine years. Then her boss- Miles came to her office to tell her that Lynnie who was suppose to lead the charity cycle ride through Italy had broken her leg. Lynnie  was Sarah’s friend and she had started about the same time Sarah had.  Lynnie was a good tour leader. Sarah had been a tour leader for a couple of years. Then Miles told Sarah she would have to lead the tour as there wasn’t time to find someone else. But Miles also added he and his brother would be on the tour and would help in any way they could. Normally Sarah would have loved to do the tour as cycling was her favorite sport but also her hobby and Italy was one of her favorite countries. But she worried about having to smile all the time. Then Sarah found she was attracted to Miles but she really didn’t want anything to do with men for  a while to let herself heal from what James had done to her. Yet when Miles touched her it did affect her.  As Sarah thought about her relationship with James she realized it was a good thing James had called off the wedding as he could be selfish and a whiner and controlling. She had even given up doing tours as James whined about her being gone so much. Miles told Sarah he had been married to an Italian woman for eleven years and two years ago she had died from breast cancer. So Miles was unattainable for Sarah for more reasons than one his being her boss.

I liked this story. I felt sorry for Sarah the way James had walked out on her but when away from the situation was very happy she found it was a good thing he had broke things off. Then to call her what was he thinking that she wouldn’t go on with her life??? MEN  …  I felt like I was there with Sarah and Miles and the rest of the cyclists and the people they meant and came in contact with. I didn’t want to put this down it was a good read and I really liked it. I found it easy to read and i really liked the plot. I loved how Miles really tried to help Sarah any way he could as well as the other cyclists. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.