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Great Story and Characters

Stormchaser - Cherry Adair

Jonah Cutter is just getting to know his half-brothers and feels he has to prove himself. When he is scouting for a lost ship, he’s positive he’s found the ultimate treasure: Atlantis. He’s even secured the ultimate non-believer, Dr. Calista West, to verify it. He just didn’t expect everything that makes up Callie.

I’m not too much into contemporaries and I’ve only ever read a novella by this author before, so I really didn’t have much expectations on this book. However, I very much enjoyed it. Callie is independent, a loner and very much driven in her task.I loved watching her character change around as the story progressed. There really wasn’t anything not to love about Jonah. He was smart, sexy, and determined to come out on top. As for the plot, I really wasn’t sure what twists the author would stick in there, but I really loved how she ended it. After reading this book, I so want to go treasure-hunting!! I look forward to reading about the other Cutters and more from this author!.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book