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Great Story and Characters

Something Blue - Charlotte Armstrong

Nan had her arm around Johnny as he came up the stairs. Dorothy/Dot asked Johnny how college had been. Dot was Nan’s cousin.  Nan then told Johnny she was in love and engaged to be married to Richardson Bartee. Nan called her aunt Emily in Paris to tell her and as soon as Emily heard the name she told Nan not to get married that Emily was flying home . Emily and Dorothy were the only family Nan had. Both Nan’s and Dorothy’s parents had died in a car accident  together. Emily had raised the girls and Emily wrote short stories for a living and worked from home. When Nan was younger there had been a school dance and Nan didn’t have a date so Johnny’s mom had talked him into taking Nan and he was there for her in every way he could be since. Nan was the shy and sensitive one while Dot was the more outgoing and very popular one of the two girls.   Emily Had changed her and the girl’s names as in reality Nan’s father was in prison for the murder of her mother but Clinton- her dad was innocent and Richardson Bartee had killed Nan’s mom when he was fifteen years old. Then while on the plane Nan’s aunt Emily had heart problems and was taken right to the hospital. Emily then leaves a message that she needed to see Johnny  and told him the whole story and made him promise to see her brother Clinton. Later that evening Richardson came to the hospital and killed Emily. Then when Johnny does go to see Clinton he finds out Nan has a lot of money coming to her. Old man Bartee had been sending money to Emily for Nan since her mother’s death. Johnny was asked to find out if he could if Richardson did or didn’t kill Nan's mom.

Excellent story I loved this. It kept me interested all the way through the story until the last page. I loved how Emily sacrificed for her two nieces even giving up her trip around the world to rush home. I was kinda disappointed in Nan how she was turning her back on everyone she had known most of her life for a man she hadn’t known very long and how she could be cruel to them as well. She was suppose to be the sensitive one and in parts acted the spoiled little brat  but got past that and kinda understood she had been swept off her feet. I did feel bad that she had to find out on her wedding day her new husband was a murderer and only wanted her money not her. But all and all a great story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story as well as the plot and I highly recommend.