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Good Story and Characters

Her Leading Man - Maggie Dallen

Caitlyn loves to knit and teach her craft at the yarn  store she works at and loves her job. Her long time boyfriend dumped her and after six months and Caitlyn decides to stop holing up in her apartment and start going out with her friends again. Then Caitlyn takes advice from one of her friend and decides to give online dating a chance. She states on her online profile she is looking for someone like her all time favorite Cary  Grant. Then she accepts a date and goes to the restaurant to meet him and he is already drunk and he keeps slamming the way she is dressed, her job , everything. He sits eating bread going on and on then tells her she needs to get laid and he is available. Caitlyn decides she is through with the date the he spills beer all over her lap and she leaves. Ben had been staying with his friend Gregory while his condo was being renovated. Ben and his girlfriend had broken up when he caught Olivia in bed with Alejandro one of Ben’s partners at work. Ben hasn’t been back to work since. Ben has no memory of the date but hadn’t heard back from the woman so let it go. But Gregory and his girl Olivia are volatile so Ben is looking to sublet a room until his condo is ready.  Ben finds one and goes to the apartment the room is at and Caitlyn answers the door and horrified to find Ben is suppose to sublet her room. But Caitlyn needs help with the  bills so she lets Ben move in. As time goes on Ben finds he is attracted to Caitlyn but he is now a no relationship kind of guy after the breakup with Olivia.

I like this story . Didn’t like Ben at all at first . Why did Ben get drunk if he knew he had a date with someone he had yet to  meet?  I did like Ben as time went on. I felt bad for Caitlyn when she was on the date and then to find he was to be her roommate. Caitlyn was sweet and I liked her character a lot and she really did have some good friends. Ben’s friend Gregory definitely added to the story also. This was a fun read. Not a  lot of drama involved especially after Caitlyn got to know Ben better . they really did make a sweet couple. I liked all the characters a  lot and the ins and outs of this story as well as the plot and i recommend.