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Good Story and Characters

Retribution (Valentine Shepherd) - Shana Figueroa

Val and her boyfriend Max break up and Val is trying to deal with her heartbreak. Val can see the future but she usually only sees death and destruction. Max also had visions.  Val has tried to change the future but she usually doesn’t make things any better. Val had been on the run then had a couple of beers when she was at her desk and heard a voice behind her and she grabbed one of her guns as she faced the man. It was Sten who had tried to kill her and Max on three different occasions. Val thought that he had come to kill her but actually he came to give her a message. Sten had never really been concerned for his own safety which made him a perfect soldier or predator. Sten was now working for Delilah a very evil mayor. Val had a vision of a woman in white and Sten told Val she was Cassandra the Alpha - she sees all the possible futures all the time and as far as Sten knew she was the only one in the world that could and Sten was pretty sure Cassandra was insane. There were only fifty who could see the future at all Val included in the world. Northwalk wanted Val to work for them if she did they would take care of Delilah for her. When Val was still with Max she had a vision of Delilah as President of the United States and initiating a nuclear war. But Northwalk was evil also and they had wanted her child. Val has a  new case on a girl- Margaret that has disappeared and val had a vision of her dead so she didn’t have long to find Margaret. Val is abducted and can’t remember anything that happened for twelve hours When Val tries to piece together what happens she finds two uploads on the internet of Margaret and her being unconscious and sexually abused. Now Val wants revenge and needs Max’s help max has become engaged since Val pushed Max  away and he was  trying for a normal life. But he is hiding a drug addiction to bury his real feelings. When Val calls max he is immediately there for her. Abby was the woman Max was engaged to and she was not happy that Max had met with Val.

This was a little hard to connect with in the beginning but as I went on it became better and better. This had a fast pace and very good plot as well as a  plot twist. Even though Max and Val had been broken up for eight months neither had gotten over the other. Val had broken her old heart when she had pushed Max  away from her. There were a lot of both good and bad people killed in this story kept you turning the pages for sure.  I felt so bad for both Max and Val and their heartbreak. At first i really didn’t think I would like  this but was pleasantly surprised. I liked most of the characters and really enjoyed the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.