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The Rebel Heir - Elizabeth Michels

THE man chasing Ash and Stapleton was gaining ground but a change of identity would be helpful. That was what Stapleton was working on right now. Ash had spent every day with Stapleton since they had left home seven years ago. Stapleton wasn’t interested in being rich just enough to get through life and he doesn’t keep his opinions to himself. Ash was in this for the great adventure. In Ash’s line of work you learned to keep moving . But Ash had been careless and now he was paying for it . Ash had been working toward his goal since his father had died seven years ago. Ash and Stapleton had two rules- no staying and no getting attached. Evangeline /Evie danced with Lord Winfield and Evie was determined to find a match her family would approve of it didn’t matter who it was. Evie had a talent for dressing for a part and playing it flawlessly - whether it be daughter, sister, cousin, or friend. Being a wife would not be any different. There was a time last season when Evie thought she wanted different but she had wrong. Her mother was right Evie couldn’t be trusted to choose her own future. Evie and her two cousins had become close over the last three years. Victoria and Isabelle's father had unexpectedly inherited his title and estate. Evie had an encounter with Lord Barnish in a dim hall but then he simply disappeared from her and society for a year. Although he now claims to be Lord Crosby. Evie

Ash is a liar, seducer, selling schemes and potions. Seven years ago The Green family had taken everything his family had. Ash was determined to get revenge. Evie only talked of the weather and fashion. Evie had a “mad summer” at the age of twelve with her sister where Evie and Sue poisoned their aunt  and had paid for it since .  Ash couldn't stay if he planned to carry out his revenge. Ash’s current scheme was selling shares in a steam engine.

I liked this story but hated Evie’s mother who mentally abused as well as physically abused Evie such as : not letting eve eat, pinching her, and even making Evie wear gloves that were way too small. I didn’t like all the story lines but did like Evie and Ash. So I had mixed feelings on this story. Some parts I liked but there were actually more things I didn’t. Guess  this story just wasn’t really for me.