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Great Story and Characters

Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic) - Melissa F. Olson

Scarlets’ dog was Shadow which had been spelled and had super powers. Shadow had been trained and raised to kill werewolves. Scarlett's’ boyfriend Eli was a werewolf and it had taken almost two years before Scarlet could leave Shadow alone with Eli long enough to go to the bathroom. Eli did beautiful carvings from driftwood but he also tended bar and was Beta of his werewolf pack which was second in command.  Scarlet was a Null and when around her werewolves lost the itch to do wolfy thing;some hated this, some didn’t care either way, and others loved this. Scarlet has been tasked in keeping Shadow from killing anyone. Shadow would only kill on Scarlet’s command. L A  Old World was staging Vampire Trials- this was suppose to happen every three years but it had been more like six since there hadn’t been many interspecies disputes. The powers to be in L A were: Dashiell- cardinal vampire, Kirsten- leader of the witches, and Will who was alpha to the werewolves and Eli  decided to hold the trials and clear the air. The three heads of the supernatural community listen to complaints and make judgements on conflicts. L A was the only city in America where all three superpowers live more or less in peace. Scarlet would be sitting at the defendant’s table making sure the vampire, witch, or werewolf setting with her did not try anything. This was Scarlet's first year in this position. Scarlet’s only friend was Eli and that was fine with her but werewolves were very social and Eli needed to be around his pack. Shadow could look terrifying without killing and that was why she went everywhere with Scarlet. A girl came up to Scarlet with a note from Molly who had once been Scarlets’ roommate until she asked Scarlet to leave. Scarlet had lived with Molly three years ago and had heard nothing from Molly since she had left. Scarlet had a human friend at one time  but he wanted more and she chose Eli. Reese had been her human friend and had been a L A cop until he quit when he went against his morals with things he had to do with Scarlet. Molly had been compelled to kill twelve humans that were her friends- Molly was a vampire and virtually impossible to compel but there were a couple of ways. Scarlet worked for Dashiell and by trying to help Molly and taking Shadow out of L A county she had broke some serious rules and had been caught by Dashiell anyway. When Jesse came home to his apartment after going to the store Scarlet and Shadow were in his parking lot Scarlet asked for his help Jesse said no. Jesse changed his mind and went out to  find Scarlet had been shot. Jesse was one of the few humans who knew about the Old World. Scarlett and Jesse had to figure out who was trying to set up Molly or she would be killed in nineteen hours.

Excellent story I loved it! A lot of action that kept you turning the pages to  see what was going to happen next. I loved how Scarlet wouldn't give up on Molly even though she had hurt Scarlet in the  past. I also loved how Jesse changed his mind quickly and jumped right in to help. Just an all around good paranormal story just no real happy ever after for Scarlet but it just fit. I loved the plot, the characters, and ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.