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Great Story and Characters

The Feeling of Forever (Love Unplugged) - Jamie Howard

Juliet hated nothing more than planes but she did believe in science. Juliet had just been told by Ally she had just won “Sexiest Woman  Alive”.  Ally was Juliet's’ personal assistant and best friend. The past year had been a blur to Juliet who was an actress. Juliet had been running herself in the ground for several years and wanted some  her time. Felix had  been voted the “Sexiest Man Alive” for Celeb Magazine but the public didn't know there had been an accident and Felix was now in a wheelchair. Felix was part of a band called Downfall, Felix was the drummer. His band mate Ben said they could use the publicity. Felix had avoided women since the accident other than the nurses at the hospital and his physical therapist. Juliet was a nice person but she also felt Felix was still hot even in a wheelchair that didn’t matter to her. Felix was attracted to Juliet also. Juliet had left her phone at the photo shoot and the next day Felix showed up at her apartment to give it back to her and Juliet invited him in to eat. Juliet had a  stalker that had been put in jail but he just got out and Juliet got a note from him through the mail. Felix made Juliet feel better and she let him know she was interested in being more than friends. Felix told Juliet he wanted the same. Juliet had a sister with Juvenile Huntington Disease it was difficult for Elle- her sister- to walk or anything that required any fine motor skills even speech and now her stepfather had the same disease. Juliet felt guilty taking some time for herself. Then Juliet found out her stalker had been in her  apartment then later on pictures were sent of her and Felix and a threat was made to Felix. Juliet said she needs space.

An excellent story and I loved it. A lot of action but romance also. It definitely kept your interest as you wanted to see what would happen next. I loved how Felix's band mates  would not leave him behind and were there for him. I also loved how Juliet seen the man  and not the wheelchair. This is one of my new favorite stories. I loved the characters and the plot and  the ins and outs also how the author brought up about a little known disease at least by me. I highly recommend this