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Hooked - Michael Allen Wolf

Shawn was walking beside Cheryl but he found it hard to look in her eyes or in anyone’s eyes for that matter . When he did he felt like he was walking into the sun. when he did it as he knew people grew uneasy around him when he kept looking away. Shawn often spoke without thinking or editing what he said. Shawn works at an online dating service. Then Shawn was on a date with Lindsay and it seemed to be going good. Lindsay told Shawn he was like a walking Wikipedia. Lindsay took Shawn’s hand and shook it off and explained he had autism. That touching can sometimes be really intense for Shawn Then Lindsay cuts the date short and says she has to go somewhere and would be sure to call Shawn.When Shawn tells his dates he has Autism they usually don’t last very long after he tells his dates that.Even after explaining he was high functioning it just didn’t help. Colin was Shawn’s brother and he told Shawn to keep the Autism a secret as long as he could or at least until the second date. But then his dates seemed confused on how reacted to something like bright sunlight or touching him. Shawn’s parents were deeply troubled by Shawn's diagnosis of Autism. Shawn’s grandparents took him to Manhattan for a treatment program . Colin also moved to their grandparents to be with Shawn. At first their parents came every weekend to see the boys then they skipped a weekend and then whole months. Shawn and Colin’s grandparents were not happy about how their parents were deserting Shawn and Colin .Shawn’s grandfather had died the year before and Shawn was worried his grandmother Ruby would be leaving him. Then ruby slumps over in the chair and Shawn realized something was wrong . Shawn rode in the ambulance with his grandmother and was at her bedside praying silently when the doctor came in. and told Shawn and Colin that their grandmother had passed out from low blood sugar and she has diabetes. Ruby needs to take better care of herself. Shawn goes to a party and meets Violet but Shawn doesn’t know Violet is a hooker. The party’s theme is Pimps and Hos only Violet was a real hooker. Shawn asks Violet on a date and she says yes. Shawn believes Violet is an actress and Violet lets him believe that and tells him she has an audition. Then Shawn walks her to her next trick and waits for her outside while she has sex with her John. Then Shawn would walk her to her next trick and once again wait for her. Shawn asks Violet to marry him and she says yes and she still hasn’t told him she is a hooker but still marries Shawn.Then Shawn and Violet go to tell ruby and Colin they are married. His grandmother and brother had to tell Shawn violet is a hooker and Violet runs away. Then Shawn goes to see violet and she is getting in a car with a man. A couple days later goes to Violet’s apartment to tell her he misses her and she is real mean to him. Shawn wants to be married and loved. Shawn tries to buy Violet from her pimp and is beaten so bad he ends up in the hospital. Then Ruby tries to but Violet off and she says no that Shawn was her husband and she was staying married to him. Violet wasn’t a hooker by choice but is being trafficked. Shawn makes Violet feel worthy and have real value . Shawn is determined to free Violet and her friends from the pimp. Shawn’s unconditional love changes Violet.
I loved this story. It had a great plot. It showed how people with autism can be treated but it also shows how much love they can give and do whatever it takes to hang on to that love. Not a negative way other then how Shawn was treated especially after telling a date and then all the girl can do is want to get away so there was a lot of cruelty shown in this story all because of Shawn’s autism. But i liked Shawn a lot. I liked violet too she didn’t really have a choice in what she was doing and in the end she knew what she wanted no matter what. I liked that . this story had humor in it and i did chuckle at times. But it also broke my heart on how Shawn was treated. It was so realistic I felt i was there and didn’t want to stop reading and I wanted to see Shawn happy in the end. At first it seemed like Violet was using Shawn and i didn’t like that at all. I also hated how his parents just gave up on him it wasn’t Shawn’s fault he had autism but he did have his grandparents who got in a program to function as well as he could and Colin stayed at his brother's side. All and all a very good read and I really enjoyed this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.