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Hooked - Christina Phillips

Grace was a rich girl from Malibu that always did the right thing. Until she didn’t she was tired of her life being controlled by her family and now ex fiance. Grace was on her way to her sisters after she had broken her engagement and she got lost when she had to take a detour. Then grace’s car broke down there was a storm and her phone was dead. Grace ends up at a lo;cal bar called Odin’s and a lot of bikers are there one in particular catches grace’s attention as well as grace catches his attention. The biker’s name is Zach who is a Viking Bastard of the Viking Bastards MC. Zach was raised in the MC and is very loyal. Zach doesn’t believe in commitment or love but he loves his sex down and dirty. Zach and Grace have instant hot chemistry and Grace decides to go for it what can one night on the wild side hurt.  
I liked this story a lot. It was a quick enjoyable read but I really wouldn’t call it an MC book . Zach was a biker was in an MC but that is all there really is about the club no meetings or business or anything like that. Really just about Zach and Grace mainly.I don’t think Grace’s character would have just have sex so quickly with a stranger especially one so opposite her. But i loved the plot the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.