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Good Story and Characters

Not In My Wildest Dreams (McKenna Series) (Volume 2) - Jamie Hollins

Quinn was Darcy’s roommate.they were having their monthly girls night with Mallory and Jesse. Quinn was with Evan and had been for the last year. Then Evan and Sean came in - they were cousins. Sean and Darcy were best friends but Darcy had been crushing on Sean for years since her first day of school in Ballagh. Darcy had seen all of Sean’s tricks and moves but only from the sidelines. Sean was the reason Darcy was still a virgin at twenty eight years old as no man seemed to match up to Sean. Darcy had just finished her graduate degree. Sean was a partner in a general construction firm for some reason Darcy looked different to Sean when he seen her. Darcy had started a design firm but so far she had only had two small jobs. Then Sean told her that his company was bidding on a project that needed an interior designer and he wanted to offer her the job. On her way to Boston Darcy stopped to see her grandmother and her best friend Mary Mcphee or Phee who shared a home Darcy had taken a bus to her grandmother's when she was ten. When Darcy was ten she seen a kid being bullied stuck for the boy being bullied so the bully started on her then Sean stepped in and defused everything by his humor and wit. He had been Darcy’s rescuer and that had started everything. Darcy’s parents had dragged her out at the age of three to sing for tips. Darcy swore she would never sing in public again. Darcy’s parent would rather spend what money they had on getting high rather than feed their daughter. Darcy was excited about the project Sean had told her about.  Darcy had two in a half weeks to come up with the interior design for the project. Sean loved to make Darcy smile that big true smile she had. Sean ended taking Darcy’s virginity but wasn’t very happy she hadn’t told him she was a virgin. Darcy thought she had done something wrong and Sean hadn’t enjoyed having sex with her.

I really enjoyed this story it was predictable yet it didn’t take away from the story. I liked how Sean thought of Darcy for the project for his company. He had faith in her. This was a very enjoyable read with a good plot. I felt bad how Sean was so busy when his partner took a vacation that he didn’t seem to have time for Darcy and she felt he was taking her for granted.  I thought it was sweet that Darcy thought Sean didn’t enjoy being with her sexually when actually he was overly excited and didn’t last long. I also loved how he acted so jealous but didn’t realize what he was feeling. All all a good story , loved the characters and the ins and out of this story and I recommend.