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The Swap (Nicole Graves Mysteries) - Nancy Boyarsky

Nicole blamed herself for not realizing something was wrong. Brad’s silence and the gloom that seemed to surround him since they left LA. After a day or two Nicole started to feel she might be in danger but no one wanted to believe her. When the car blew up with the man inside it Nicole knew that was no random act of terrorism. But she couldn’t convince Brad it had anything to do with them. Yet Nicole knew they were in serious trouble. Through the plane ride to London Nicole was trying to figure out how to fix her and Brad’s marriage and where it had gone wrong. There was a rift between Brad and Nicole and she was determined to fix it.Brad and Nicole had been married seven years and this was the fourth trip in the last year that Brad had went away on business. Nicole was very curious about other people. Nicole was an office manager for a law firm. Nicole had a gift of prying things out of people, figuring out connections and unearthing information no one else could seem to fins. Nicole was having a lot of doubts about this trip.  They were having a house swap with the Lowry’s in England. But Nicole was not happy to find out they had a tenant at the Lowry’s house The tenant was a qualified nurse specializing in home care and was only at the house in between cases. Brad was an accomplished techy  but also a futuristic visionary and he had enough charisma people believed in him and followed him. Brad prided himself on being able to do two- three things at a time. Brad had already set up a desk in the bedroom and was on the phone with his assistant Brenda that he said had to also come to England to help him. Strange things started happening to Nicole and they weren’t good things. Then the Lowry’s never made in their condo in the states.  Then Inspector Richard Reinhardt comes looking for Mr. Lowry. Also the tenant Alice McConnerhy seems to have vanished. Then Nicole finds out there is a problem with their car back in LA and talks to the police in LA and then Scotland Yard.

I couldn’t seem to connect with this story. But there is a lot of action and things happening to Nicole: car exploding, boat exploding, thugs chasing her, house being broken into and Nicole is locked in the bathroom, her missing suitcase, people trying to kidnap Nicole undercover cop,and Nicole being attacked at the museum.  There was a lot of twists and turns . But still didn’t WOW me for some reason and why didn’t anyone believe Nicole? Anyway for the twists and turns alone I gave this a three.