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Great Story and Characters

The Bastard Billionaire (Billionaire Bad Boys) - Jessica Lemmon

Elijah/Eli had run off nine temporary assistants his brother Reese had sent over to him. Eli had been a marine and was now an amputee Eli had no interest in stepping in as Chief Operations Officer for crane hotels that his family owned and worked at. Eli felt wherever he went bad things happened. Since he came back to the states and had recovered Eli was consumed with giving back, changing the lives of men and women who made sacrifices for their country and their families. Isabella/Isa really didn’t have any more people to send to Eli so she decided she would go herself and act like the agency  Isa’s business- Merina was Reese’s wife and had suggested Isa company to have a temporary assistant to help Eli transition from Marine to Crane Hotel COO. The assistant job was to help Eli with Crane Hotel conference calls , answer and forward emails, and tend to light load work Reese had handed down to Eli to oversee. Eli had refused it all. As far as Isa was concerned Eli could ruin his own life but not her company. Isa was willing to do whatever it took to make her business successful. Eli realized he was lonely with so much love around him with his family and their loved ones. Since Eli had been back he had been tended to, coddled, and overly cared for. He had worked hard to get himself up and moving so he was dependent on none. Isa had walked away from her family’s money, expectations and they man they had chosen for her. Isa felt attraction for Eli but she knew better than to follow it as she had twice before to bad results not going to happen a third time with her business involved. Isa had started her business in her living room three years ago. Isa had started out with one employee - herself now she had thirty two employees. Isa had worked almost ten years for her parents financial firm starting at eighteen. Isa had been a good PA but Isa didn’t want to run her parents business so she broke away. Eli was also attracted to her. Then they shared a kiss. Eli had fired Isa several times she just never listened to him. Then Isa couldn’t find a date for her parents celebration of naming Josh- Isa’s ex - as president of their company. Eli asks Isa help him get his webpage started for the vets charity and he agrees to be her date. On the was Isa admits she owns her company and doesn’t just work there and that it was her parents celebration and Josh was her ex. But Eli didn’t care. Josh knew eventually he would work to getting a female in his bed again but that was the largest challenge he had to conquer. I loved this story. I loved how all Eli’s family gathers around him no matter how grumpy he is. I also liked how Isa stuck with the job no matter what. I also liked how she was with Eli when they went into a personal relationship. This was a great plot and I also loved the problems a lot our returning vets face when coming home injured. This was just an all around great story with a message which is the best kind. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.