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Good Story and Characters

Game Changer - Beth Orsoff

Samantha/ Sam is a divorce lawyer and Jake is a sports agent. Both don’t think they are the  marrying kind. Samantha has seen the toll of a bad marriage and everything in between. Sam’s sister Whitney is engaged to Jake’s best friend’s brother in law Michael. Jake and Sam are thrown together .They have the insta/ attraction. Sam’s not a pushover and doesn’t rush right into sex with Jake. Especially as Jake is a player. But Sam and Jake learn things out about themselves and each other.

I liked this story a lot. It was funny. It was sex with no ties which I didn’t really care for. But I didn’t want to put this down.But I didn’t particularly like Whitney she seemed selfish and self centered but she is how Jake and Sam met so she served her purpose. This story was predictable but still liked it ,it  was an enjoyable read. This was fast paced. I liked the characters a lot for the most part and The ins and outs I liked a lot and I recommend.