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SEEKER: 1 by Arwen Elys Dayton (12-Feb-2015) Paperback - Arwen Elys Dayton

Quin  was fighting a large man she was close to winning. Alistair MacBain was the biggest man Quin knew,and was Quin’s uncle but at the moment that didn’t matter. Seekers did not think when they fought. Quin and Shinoba had started their Seeker training when they were eight and they were both fifteen now. Alistair said they had to prove themselves .John was also training but he was now sixteen but he had got  a late start and didn’t start training until he was twelve. Quin is in love with John Quin and Shinoba take the oath and become Seekers. Quin had trained her entire life to do this , it was her destiny,. Quin will be fighting beside her closest friends Shinoba and John and they will protect the weak and those who have been wronged. But being a Seeker wasn’t what Quin thought it would be like. John is not allowed to take the oath yet. So John goes back to his grandfather's. Brais has something John wants. John attacks Braic and Quin and Shinoba escape but Quin has been shot. Quin’s dad wants power more than anything and has an ancient artifact that John wants.  Shinoba takes Quin to Hong Kong to heal but Quin loses all her memories. Shinab leaves Quin with Fiona who is her mother. Quin slowly starts to regain her memories  At first Quin follow their father's completely. But then Quin hides behind her shell of no memories and Shinoba hides behind drugs. But eventually Quin and Shinoba fight back. Shinoba has always loved Quin but Quin had only cared for John in that way but now they were running from him. Even without her memories Quin knows John is not a good guy and Shinoba is trying to kelp her. So now there is a love triangle.

I have mixed feelings about this story. Some things I liked some things not so much. But it also didn’t WOW me in anyway. This story was slow at times and that was hard to keep me going.as far as reading goes but I did finish this. I also found this story a little boring most of the time. I did like the young dread gave us more history of the seekers and the dreads, this did add to the story as far as I am concerned.  I got confused in this story. I didn’t like the changing POV  so much. I did think that plot was good just somehow didn’t work that great for me in the story. Toward the end of the story things started coming together but by then my rating of this story had already went down a lot.