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Modern Rituals - J.S. Leonard

 Computers and science are used to fulfill the needs of elder Gods. Seven strangers find themselves in a Japanese school. After exploring they find they are trapped. What is known is they are there to appease the God of Death. The ritual only turns out right when there a certain amounts of death. If the ritual fails it will end modern life worldwide. Every year rituals are held to appease the Gods so continue to slumber. If the rituals are done right the ancient ones remain asleep. There is a huge secretive organization called Magnus that had enormous reach and scientific knowledge that was used -that selections of people that are randomly picked to be put in rituals. Each ritual put the chosen people in an artificial environment filled with monster type entities. Rules are those who don’t survive die those who do get to return to their normal lives. Olivia is a trained nurse and helps some people survive. But a lot of time the gory aspects of the ritual didn’t bother Olivia and James had to remind Olivia not everyone was a nurse. But Olivia does have a heart. They found out a man behind the scenes controlled everything and not everyone will survive.

I had mixed feelings for this story It was a little far fetched for me. But i did like how James stayed true to his nature no matter what. I didn’t like this story at first almost stopped reading but did push on and really started to like by the end of the story. I just didn’t really connect with the story or the characters very much at least not til close to the end and then it’s a little late really.