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Great Story and Characters

Vines of Entanglement - Lisa Carter

Laura asked Ian why he didn’t tell her it was  a father son fishing trip. Ian was Laura’s ten year old son. Ian’s father Holt had died one year ago. Garrett and Laura had known each other since they were children. Garrett knew what it was like to grow up without a dad. Laura has smothered Ian since Holt’s death. A freak winter accident had taken Holt’s life. Ian told Laura he hated Garrett and if she married Garrett he would hate her too. Jon had just returned from a week vacation . he had been a marine and decided not to reop after ten years in the Marines. Then eventually Jon took a job with RPD Homicide unit. Laura had returned home after Holt's death and the family home from her Aunt Velma and she opened a needlepoint shop called Tapestry Needle works. This had been Laura’s dream. Laura had been a failure as a wife to the prominent oncologist Holt Mabry. When Laura took her dog Buggsby out for a walk the dog found a dead woman who turned out to be Laura’s assistant Renna  from the shop. Nut the killer was also still there and attacked Laura and tried to kill her but Buggsby bit into his leg and wouldn’t let go and Laura was able to get away. When the cops respond and show up at the murder scene a long lost love of Laura’s shows up- Jon and this is his first case. They never forgot each other but Jon knew he couldn’t trust Laura from ten years before. Laura had never wanted to see Jon again because he reminded her of the sin in her life and one of her deepest secrets. Jon’s old feelings start to come back but Laura does her best to keep Jon away from her. There is a question of whether Laura is the murderer or if she’s in danger herself now. Laura keeps back some information on the murder. Jon had broke Laura’s heart but she had also broke his. Jon turned to God that he had found while in the Marines and asks for answers. Then another body is found. Then Laura and Ian become the target from the killer. Laura decides to marry Garrett who is running for senator to protect her secrets. Jon is willing to walk away from Laura again but Laura finds she doesn’t want him to.Jon finds out about eh secret Laura had kept from him he was hurt and angry but is willing to think about more than just himself. Laura breaks her engagement from Garrett. Jon and Laura had broke up because of family control and society’s convention as Jon is a Native American.

I really enjoyed this story. It was well written. I felt that detective Ann Morales was too pushy trying to make Jon hers. I just didn’t like that. Also Garrett was way to controlling and when you come down to it he was a butt I was glad to see Laura break that engagement. The killer had got a nickname the Greenway Killer which definitely fit. I liked the suspense and action in this story. I loved the characters and really didn’t see anything to complain about with this story which makes it a great read. I loved the ins and outs and I highly recommend.