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Captive, Mine - Natasha Knight, Trent Evans

Emmanuel J Cross was a drug dealer to the wealthy and the father of Lily. Emmanuel was half of the two men force that supplied the entire East coast with their drug of choice. Emmanuel made a deal with the the Feds to testify against Randall his business partner. Emmanuel was to enter into the witness protection program Lily was to leave NYC and she only had fifteen minutes to pack one suitcase. If she didn’t go Randall would come after her to get her father Emmanuel to stop all deals and take the prison time but to keep his mouth shut. Then a man came into Lily’s room, he was Lake Freeman and explained her father had hired him to be lily’s body guard until they got Lily settled and safe. Velveteen Rabbit had been Lily’s favorite book as a kid and was now her safe code and Lake brought the code up to her to let her know her father did hire him. Lily’s mother had run off before Lily was a year off so Lily and her dad were close even with his profession choice. No one had ever scared Lily like Lake freeman. Lake had zero compassion and treated Lily like she was the criminal. Then there was the trade off to U S Marshall De Salvo Witsee. But he was a fake as now the cartel would have Lily. There was a time when Lake would have never thought of doing a job like this but that time was gone. One last job and he was free. One last mission and he was done with what he had become. Lake escapes with LILY as he wants her for himself. They hole up in a cabin in the woods to hide from the drug cartel who want to hold Lily as a captive. Lake is a dominant man trying to teach Lily to be a sub. But Lily is not used to being told what to do.

I liked this story but had a lot  mixed feelings about it. Lake didn’t turn Lily over to the cartel but he kept her captive for herself. To try to force someone to be submissive would be near to impossible and if you broke their spirit isn’t that what attracted Lake in the first place ?  story was just confusing to me. There really wasn’t a lot of danger or suspense or so it seemed to me and there should have been more as far as i am concerned. I did like that the BDSM relationship was thrown around a lot like most stories. I liked that it was not hard to figure out what the relationship was. But I definitely didn’t like the forced sex part. I did not enjoy that. So all and all was a okay read that I did finish so it did hold my interest enough for that. I liked Lily’s fiestyness even when it cost her. Also a BDSM relationship is based on trust especially as far as the sub goes and Lily was afraid of Lake and didn’t trust him so… But I did like a lot of the ins and outs of this story.