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Caramel Beach (Lessons in Pure Life) - Audrey O'Connor

Diego had almost drowned when he had wiped out while surfing when he was sixteen. This made him angry and after he recovered he took even more risks. Mario and Braydon men but their company is simply not enough anymore. The guys are all talking about surfing and different places they had been. Jack  Koolz is a surfing legend and Diego had met him and had been invited to his wedding in a couple of weeks. Jack knew some of Diego's heroes. With surfing you never knew the risk until it was too late. Since Diego had lost his mom he was haunted by grief for the past year. He called Lia diamond girl and couldn’t get her out of his mind. Diego had fallen for Lia a few months ago . the community wanted a better teacher to teach its children . Diego didn’t want to work with his father or Genesis, he felt it was too depressing. The kids had never seemed so attentive as when they were with Lia. they watched Lia with curiosity. Lia and Diego had only been on one actual date despite all the time they took getting to know each other.  Caring and commitment to outsiders doesn’t come easy for Diego. Diego only ever trusted his mom and Genesis with deep conversations. The kind you think for days about more than just yourself. Diego has never had such a  physical connection to a woman that he respected as much as he does Lia. Lia hasn’t told Diego yet that her abusive ex had contacted her again out of nowhere.

I liked this story to a degree but i really didn’t connect to it especially in the beginning. I liked how Lia and Diego were with other and also took a long time to get to know each other. I also liked Lia was willing to go with F+Diego but the rest of the story really didn’t interest me so this was barely a three