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Working It - Christine d'Abo

Nolan Carmichael is getting a fresh start, a new career, new company, and a new life. But he had liked his old life until an accident robbed him of his health, job, self confidence, and ability to go out in public without having a anxiety attack more like with PTSD. Zack had scared off his last four assistants either he fired them or they had quit. Nolan hated mirrors but needed them for his daily routine. His sister Tina said nothing was different about Nolan but he knew the truth. There was a scar just below Nolan’s hairline but was covered by the long fringe of his hair. This scar was one of the least horrific of the injuries Nolan had. Nolan was interviewing for a job at compass technologies. Nolan hated interviews even before the accident he sucked at them. Nolan’s life had been challenging over the last two years. He got through physiotherapy and got his broken body working again. Nolan was staying with Tina and this was his first interview since his accident and since the mental meltdown at work when Nolan had tried to go back to his previous job. Nolan had three older brothers and they had learned to look out for each other. Tina had spent at least part of every day with Nolan after the accident. Without Tina Nolan Nolan's recovery would have taken a lot longer. Nolan was gay and came out to his family and friends early in life. The man Nolan had been staring at in the mirror in the bathroom came into the interview room looked at Nolan’s resume - Mr. Zach  Anderson- Mr. Anderson asked Nolan some questions then told him he had an evaluation period of three months and he could fire Nolan at any time in those three months for any reason in that time. Then he told Nolan to be at his office Monday morning at 7:00 AM. Zach was the senior Management Team of Compass. Zach was the CTO of the company in charge of all the technology decisions .Zach was the third most powerful man in the company and the most difficult to work with. Max was Zach’s friend and business partner of a bar- frantic that had been Max’s dream. Zach wanted to reopen     Ringside Boxing and he was determined for it to happen. Ale, Zach, and Max had spent the better part of their HS years as part of a LGBTQ teen outreach program at Ringside Boxing as a way to develop self confidence and to learn how to defend themselves. Within the next year or two Zach wanted to walk away from Compass and help people like he had been helped by Russell at Ringside. Nolan knew he was gay from about eight years old on. The car accident Nolan had been in he had been driving. Nancy agreed to be Nolan’s office wife.and told he told her about his accident and the anxiety attacks so she knew what to do to help him if an attack occurred. Nolan doesn’t bend to Zach’s will and Zach becomes nicer and more humane. Nolan offers to help Zach get the gym up and running.

I liked this book quite a bit even though when I requested I didn't realize it was about two gay men but got by that. But i did have mixed feelings about different things.  Lately the stories aren’t being labeled LGBTQ and I don’t think that is really fair but anyway Zach had a big heart for others he just didn’t show it at the job that paid the bills and he obviously didn’t really want to be there but running Ringside Boxing and helping people.I didn’t like how Zach treated Nolan toward the end. Then Nolan just took it and still came back. Zach liked Nolan in the beginning because he stood up to him now he wasn't just made no sense if he wanted to stay with Zach. Zach does have anger issues and that shows in this story. This romance didn’t really work for me and I just couldn’t connect with it. But there still was a great plot. I think the second half of the story should be at least half less about office politics that kinda bored me. I also found this story dragged for me in different places. I liked how Nolan made Zach laugh and open himself up to others. This story just didn’t Wow me.