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Mark of the Moon - Beth Dranoff

Jon and Dana were doing some BDSM things and then there was some pounding on the door . Jon had unmasked Dana and then a feline shifter breaks through the door but also leaves a scratch on Dana’s thigh. Then the male feline said to Jon i wasn’t enough for you that you had to take a mortal female. Then Dana tried to get Jon’s attention to let her out of the bondage he had her in but then her leg started to throb and Dana passed out. When Dana came to she couldn’t move as she was strapped to a bed but also in horrendous pain. Dana was surrounded by shadows of beings but didn’t know how many. Then Dana passed out again. When Dana comes to again she is sore and still strapped down to a hospital style bed. A wild looking lady with white matted hair had went to Dana and said” here kitty, kitty- a while ago . Dana had seen the woman three times in seven days. Dana had pretended the woman didn’t exist. The woman had reached out to Dana and asked her if she knew who she was. There was a cat by Dana's ankle and it introduced itself as Jun. before all this happened Dana had been a bartender at the Swan Song for three years.  and one night ended up at Jon’s place. Jon was a vampire. Dana also did a little freelance writing and that is how she originally met Jon. Goth Libertines had hired Dana to do an article on a local Toronto artist who was rumored also to be a vampire. That artist had been Jon. Dana had been vaccinated against being turned into a shifter . Something Dana had been trained to hunt. Teachings Dana had abandoned when she had left the Agency behind. Madame des Perth had been Dana’s training officer in Covert Preternatural Operations . It all started the night Dana went to do the interview with Jon, the drinks, the interview, the jokes. and easy banter. Then meeting for coffee, more drinks and casual conversation and always after dark. Jon spent a lot of time laughing and they did get along so well. When Dana really came to it was Wednesday what happened to Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday? The Swan Song was a three story warehouse that functioned as a barf/meeting place/ conference facility where mortals and others met. Sandor was Dana’s boss and she liked him as he was a good friend. Dana told Sandor what happened as she was making her way to her truck she noticed the Goth guy who had been at the bar held down by several knives and vampires feeding off him.then Dana heard a voice asking her if she was ok . Dana wasn’t sure as one of her hands had become a paw. Together they got rid of the vampires and got the barely alive man to her truck. The man behind the voice said his name was Sam. The Goth guy’s name was Joseph Dalton. Dana’s best friend was Lynna and she had gotten a message that they had Lynna . Sam and Anshell- the doctor or whatever he was that had been there when Dana came to - went with Dana and rescued Lynna. Dana went to Ezra to see her vaccination had expired and noticed Cybele was Ezra’s assistant and she is the one who had tried to pick Dana up in the bathroom at the bar. All Dana wanted to know was what was going on.

I just didn’t really connect with this story I did read it just really didn’t WOW me and had a lot of trouble keeping my interest. I needed more information on Dana and other aspects of this story and didn’t get them. I also didn’t like how the story ended I felt it left you hanging but not quite a cliffhanger if that makes sense anyway I am sure someone else will love this story just wasn’t for me.