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Good Story and Characters

Rogue Magic - Kit Brisby

Mages are people who can do magic and at this time are a threat to humans because of the way they have been brainwashed against Mages. If you are a Mage you must register with the Department Of The Occult Supervision and  must wear a wristband that will suppress the magic. The use of   any magic no matter what the reason can result in prison or even death.  Bryan believed as everyone else that magic was a bad thing that was how he was raised by his uncle who ran/owned Cole Industries. Bryan had no idea how his uncle's company treated or did to Mages which was his uncle ‘s company experimented on Mages to produce the electricity needed by cities. and Bryan was the PR man for said company as Byran has a way with words. Bryan’s uncle is against all forms of magic. Cole Industries is trying to use Mages to harvest energy as there is an energy shortage.Byran on the subway in a stalled subway car and there is an explosion and Levi uses his magic to save Byran's life as well as many others. Levi had not registered so did not have the wristband.  Levi is arrested even though he had saved lives with his magic. Byran starts to rethink his beliefs on Mages and magic. But with the help of friends Byran has a plan to save Levi. then Byran and Levi take up the cause of educating people on Mages and magic and how it is not to be feared and can actually help and even save lives.  This was to help the public change their opinion on Mages and it is starting to change.

I really liked this book. First off Levi knowing the consequences of using magic still uses it to save Byran and all the others he did save. It also angered me how Levi was treated after he was captured. This was well written. I liked the plot a lot. But I did get a little confused by some things in the story. I would have liked more information and background on Levi and how the United States  came to fear or brainwashed it’s people to feel the fear fro Mages and magic. I did really like the suspense and action in this story. This story does keep you on the edge of your seat and your attention. I also loved the way the romance between Levi and Byran’s romance evolves very slowly  I don’t really like the insta/romances. But I do believe there was also too much power given to social media in this story.also. But it was still a great read. So all and all a very good read and enjoyed. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.