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Good Story and Characters

Hard Rhythm - Cecilia Tan

Chino had been watching Maggie every time he came into the Governor's Club - which was a secret and exclusive sex club owned by the Hamilton sisters who had inherited the sex club  Chino wanted a chance with Maggie but so far hadn’t figured out a way to get one.  The Hamilton sister’s grandfather had hired Maggie to work in the club so she was jaded and had seen everything and had not been shocked in a long time. This is a BDSM club. Maggie also has a new job reviewing sex toys Then a bet is made with a spanking contest going on between Maddie and Chino but Maddie zones out and Chino is concerned about Maddie. and that shows the chemistry burning between Maddie and Chino. Maddie didn’t really like Chino although she did desire him. Chino is the drummer for the band The Rough. Maddie doesn’t trust Chino at first but as she gets to know him she let’s her guard down. Maddie doesn’t like giving up control but as her trust for Chino grows she can let go more. Maddie and Chino what they wanted and weren’t afraid to take it. Maddie has had many jobs but her dream job was as a journalist but it just never happened.  But after the bet Maddie and Chino became kinky friends of a sort with benefits. Chino has a lot of family issues to get through from his past. Chino had nothing to do with his stepfather who was abusive. Chino had left home at sixteen because of his stepfather. But he left behind his sister , brother and mother. But his stepfather was strictly religious and was saying that Chino was evil, Maddie does give Chino’s mom and sister some useful information on domestic violence and where they could get help. Maggie had issues with negative feedback when she had taken on the role of sub or bottom. All Maddie really wanted was to be approved of.  Maddie lets the Hamilton sisters know that a nasty reporter wants to know the secrets of the clubs and to let it be known. The trio of The rough- Chino Axel and Max also set out to help the Hamilton sisters. Normally chino escapes his demons in his music but now he also has Maddie. Chino and Maddie’s sexual relationship has become that of daddy/girl.

I liked this book quite a bit oddly enough. It gave more more of understanding of the BDSM lifestyle and about a lot of the relationships are covered and all sorts of limits. I have always been a curious person and this definitely gave me more insight and i Liked that except I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the daddy/girl style but I did get through it. I loved how the author actually put real domestic violence information in this story that was real and any of the readers could use it if they needed to. I tip my hat to the other on that as it is still a big concern unfortunately. There was definitely hot hot sex in this story. But i loved how Chino and Maddie were working toward more than just sex. All and all a very good story even if it was way out there with the kink . I liked the characters a lot and then ins and outs of this story and I recommend. I do wish I had read the previous books as i feel I would have had a lot of background for this story and may go back and read them.