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Good Story and Characters

Everything I've Dreamed Of (Love in Lakes Crossing Book 2) - Norah Bennett

Kate grew up on a life of physical and sexual abuse, hunger and fear. She runs away when she witnesses a rape and murder in her HS as she fears for her very life. Kate ends up on the streets fighting to survive until and elderly vivid lady gets her off the streets. For the first time Kate is given love and stability and a real home and also taught how to take care of herself. Then her elderly substitute mom/ mentor dies. Kate figures it is time for her to find a place and make it her home. Katie finds a book store for sale and goes for her dream. She turns the bookstore into a bookstore exclusively for children.called Dreamscapes.Kate sets up Children’s books morning and other events with a child’s perspective or interest as the themes.  Kate has an apartment about the bookstore and has a cockatoo named Shakespeare- what else would the name be of her pet. Noah goes to the bookstore looking for some books for his niece. Noah had grown up in Lake crossing but now lived in NYC as that is where his work is. Noah had been married but while in London his wife got into a car accident and died and he never forgave himself. Noah threw himself into work and wanted nothing to do with relationships although he did occasionally date. But then Noah meets Kate and he starts to rethink things. Kate makes him laugh again which he hadn’t done in a while. But the more Noah wants Kate the more protective especially with Kate is still in danger from her past.  he gets and that becomes a problem for Kate because of her past. Noah and Kate have to learn to let go of their fears and share their past.

This is really a sweet romance filled with loss and pain from the past which must be overcome. I loved Kate and Noah together they just balanced each other out except with Noah being to overprotective. I also loved that Kate was taken in and given love and stability from a woman who had been a stranger but wanted to help and teach Kate. All and all a good read with a great plot.This romance just seemed realistic to me for the most part and I like that. It wasn’t all easy and had to be worked on and for.   The pace was good and the romance sweet so I loved the characters of this story and the ins and outs and I recommend.