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Good Story and Characters

Snitch - Dharma Kelleher

Shea Stevens wants to leave her past behind her as she had been in trouble and get on with her life . Shea had been brought up in a MC called  the Confederate Thunder . Monster and his old lady had practically raised Shea. and they love Shea and her niece even though she has pulled away from them. Shea just wants to run her custom motorcycle business and build her custom bikes  called The Iron Goddess and be  with her family.. But also being a parent to her niece Annie who the court had granted her custody of and be with her girlfriend Jessica who has actually the one taking care of Annie as Shea is putting so many hours into her bike shop and Jessica doesn’t like it. . Then after  a night of partying people dying when taking a new drug turns up cut with strychnine. This drug appears to be the reason for the deaths. The Athena Sisterhood seem to be the distributor of this drug. Shea is forced to infiltrate the MC  and try to learn more.  Shea had to sign a informant contract to stay out of prison on some gun charges before she got out of the MC after a near death experience. Shea was threatened with prison time if she didn’t go undercover into the Athena Sisterhood MC which is run by Shea’s ex girl Deb runs the MC. Shea pushes her way into the MC and becomes a prospect  which is dangerous in itself as The Confederate Thunder are insisting the MC submit to having the Confederate Thunder over them and ruling them .Or the Athena Sisterhood could disband. The Confederate Thunder is not dealing the drug as they got rid of all they had. Shea believes the the strychnine was added by the person who bought the drugs. Then Shea reveals someone by the name of Boneface who is at the heart of the distribution. Now Someone is set on killing Shea.

I liked this book. I like how Shea wanted to get away fr4om her past and be happy with her business that she loved doing and be happy with her niece and girlfriend.i  felt bad when she was forced to infiltrate the sisterhood and risk her life and everything because of something she ad done in the past.There is a lot of action in this story and has a very good plot. It is also face paced and draws you in and doesn’t let go until the end.  A good read that i enjoyed with a new concept of a female MC .  the one thing I didn’t like how Shea distanced herself from the couple that raised her and loved her and Annie. Wasn’t right to forget them because they still belonged to a MC Shea didn’t have to belong to still have them in her life. But i liked most of the characters and the other characters had their roles to fulfill and I liked the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.