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Unfolding (Blink) - Jonathan Friesen

This tornado traveled over five hundred miles with a fury rarely seen previously and the tornado gently stole a little girl before pulling back up into the sky. Stormi isn’t your normal teenage girl she has a talent to see future events. Gullery is a small town that doesn’t even have a police force only The circle- an unconventional justice system made up of men including Jonah’s dad. The men consider themselves responsible for the town and can pass judgement  on the people of the town. Everybody knows everybody and everything in Gullery. It’s a weird little town in Oklahoma which is proven as more and more of it’s secrets are revealed. Jonah is a deformed boy because of the severe case he has of scoliosis and he also has epilepsy. Jonah has a rough life as he is bullied by classmates and treated like he is lacking by his parents and other adults. His only relief is his close friendship with Stormi who he secretly is crushing on. But she can't acknowledge Jonah’s deeper feelings for her. Stormi had been dropped next store in his neighbor's yard by a tornado. That same tornado destroyed the supermax prison in town that gave a  lot of jobs to  the townspeople. The prison now only employs one person and that is Jonah and there is only one prisoner left in the prison and Jonah doesn’t even know her crime but knows it is linked to the  town’s darkest secret he basically feeds her. And also give tours through the tornado museum and prison if anyone wants them. Then Stormi and Jonah are eighteen and there is an attraction between them. The town had began as a  mining town but then there was too many accidents and sinkholes that forced the  mines to be closed. Then the prison was built. Jonah was  suppose to have surgery on his back to straighten it and Stormi warned him not to go but he and his dad went anyway to group therapy for kids like Jonah set up to have the surgery. Jonah has his first seizure there and then the seizures and his back get steadily worse. Strange things start to happen happen in town and then Stormi makes a warning  that is followed by one of her classmates dying and people start to turn on Stormi and want to kill her. Stormi asks Jonah for help and it may risk his health, job, relationship with his father,possibly even his life. Then the couple go on the run and start to discover secrets the town has been hiding for years. AS the town secrets come out Stormi learns things about her past. When Jonah's family atones for their sins Jonah’s seizures stop.

I had mixed feelings about this story.  I had a BIG problem that the story made it look that Jonah’s epilepsy was from the bad doings of his family. My husband died young and had epilepsy and my teenage son also has it and I don’t believe it was any  kind of punishment for anyone doing bad and evil things!!!!! That really made me angry. But beside that this is a different kind of story and I liked it. It was a  quick read. It also had mystery and adventures in it. It did drag at  times and i had some trouble following the story. A lot of things were also left unexplained. I would ask the author if he does write another book including a condition or disease not to make the cause evil spirits  or a   sort of punishment. People are affected but what their loved ones have and are very protective and can be  offended in  cases such as this.