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Almost a Bride - Jo Watson

Anne’s alarm had not went off and she was an hour late for work. Then she discovered that she had left the Christian Louboutins at her apartment and they were the centerpiece of the days photo shoot.  Anne had just started this new job as a fashion assistant at Glamorous Girl magazine. Anne had a successful job as a stylist in advertising but changed careers ass he wasn’t happy in that job. So on her lunch break Anne rushed home to find her live in boyfriend having sex with his co worker Tess. Anne had a knife in her hand as she thought there was an intruder and Trevv acted like she was trying to hurt them when  she was just in shock. Anne Is  the one who had called 911.to top it off the shoes were ruined and  Annie was arrested and taken to a holding cell. Trevvy and Tess dropped the charges but the Trevvy said he wanted Anne to move out as it was his house and he was going to be with Tess. then Anne finds out she has been fired from her new job and her boss warns her she won’t be working in fashion again. Anne went to her friend Jane and Jane helped Anne get her things. Anne had met Trevvy at a fancy place when her and her friends had been out drinking. Anne had made Trevvy laugh and he was into her. Maybe she was different from who  Trevvy usually dated. Now Annie was living with Jane and after two months annie knew she had to get a off her butt and get a  job and her own place.anne had been sure of herself and made bold decisions but now she was someone who questioned everything. Anne gets a job at a family owned tailor business and gets a small apartment of her own. But she was staying at home all the time when she wasn’t working and her friends were worried about her and talked her into a  vacation.that Damian would pay for who was Lily's boyfriend. Damien wasa  trust fund baby but lived very normally and had no problem spending as lot of money on his girlfriend and her friends. At The last minute Lily And Jane called off the trip for a couple of days as they had food poisoning but urged Anne to still go and they would meet her when  they were better in a couple days. So Anne went alone knowing the girls would soon be with her. Anne’s first day she went to the beach and ordered a fancy drink. She noticed a shaggy looking guy with a laptop and  cell phone he seemed to be  busy talking to himself. Later on the man came and woke Anne up to tell she had better get out of the sun as she was already burnt. . later on that evening  came up to Annie and  offered to buy her a drink.  The man’s name is Chris and he writes screenplays for a living. Then as they talked Chris admitted he had writers block and his screenplay was due in two weeks Chris also admitted he writes romantic comedies or at least that is what he is suppose to be doing but he doesn’t believe in love. Chris s not Anne’s type but she did decide to have dinner with him. Then at dinner Anne admits that is strange having dinner with a stranger on a strange island. Anne found herself telling Chris about everything that happened  from finding Trevvy and Tess to losing her  job. Chris’s mom had been cheated on by his dad and she had never been the same, so this is why Chris didn’t believe in love. At thirty three Chris had never been in love . He had some girlfriends but it ended bad as the girls thought they would be the one to make Chris fall in love with them. Anne felt herself feeling sorry for Chris that he couldn’t or wouldn’t love a woman. Anne realized now there was a lot she had overlooked a lot about Trevvy  because of his image and outward success and good looks and that made Anne feel better about herself. Chris talked Anyone Into taking a walk on the beach as they talked when they got back Chris told Anne he liked her and told her she wasn't like the girls he usually met and that she was funny without trying to be. Then Anne and Chris agreed to meet up the next day and hang out together some more. Then Tess and Trevvy show up at the same hotel Chris and Anne are at. Trevvy notices Anne and calls out to her. Chris tells Trevvy Anne is there with him. That he was Australian and his name was Boyden as she had told Trevvy when running into him and made up a  boyfriend. . Christ old Anne to get her stuff as she  was suppose to be  with him so she needed to stay with him.

I didn’t really care for this story. I felt it dragged in the beginning and I almost gave up on it but had to do a review so hoped the story would get better for me. I read a third of the story and basically it was just like a book I had read and reviewed two days ago. With the pretend relationship and ex showing up with new love only this book just didn’t hold my attention. So i tried but so unrealistic meeting on a  random island at the same time. As I said it just didn’t hold my interest.