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Flawless - Tom Kakonis

Michael’s a corporate  consultant who specializes in fixing rundown companies mainly by getting rid employees. Michael seems to be attracted to older married women who cheat then he kills them. Michael’s father is Norman who lives with Michael but doesn’t see him that much as Michael is on the road a lot with business. Norman had just got out of prison Norman had been a Professor of literature and decided to write about his life especially what lead him to prison. Victor Flynn is a P I who is hired by Mrs Roland Swales as her daughter Shelly was viciously murdered and the police haven’t even found a suspect yet. Victor takes the case and starts digging around in Shelley's life.  Victor did notice that at the time of Shelly’s death that Michael Woodrow’s consulting firm had a team working at the place of Shelly’s job.  Hoping that one of the people on this team might have noticed something  Victor starts tracking them down. While Norman is working on his biography a young woman Lizabeth knocks at his door , she is Norman’s new next door neighbor she needs to call a repairman as her hot water heater is working and her phone isn’t hooked up yet. Norman decides to try to help Lizabeth with her problem and when Lizabeth lights a lighter to give him some light Norman quickly puts it out and saves their life as the heater was leaking gas. From there they start a friendship of sorts.  Michael seems to have become a killer after he sees his father Norman brutally kill his mom when Michael was nine.  Michael meets Lizabeth and falls in love with her and tries to ignore his demons and urges calling him to kill again.

I couldn’t seem to  get into this story and I really did try. It was confusing at times The language was offensive and racist at times also. I also felt this could have been shorter.   I just wasn’t crazy about this story was actually bored at times so just wasn’t for me.