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Good Story and Characters

Dirty Deeds - A.J. Nuest

Eden was putting one ounce of laxative into a chocolate covered cherry when Tanner came back in very frustrated and said she couldn’t get past the receptionist Eden’ business was called Dirty deeds and was a business to get revenge. Revenge was a tricky business, Eden and her team would only go so far. Eden felt she should have been there to reconfirm the details before Tanner went out. Tanner was Eden’s newest recruit and the first few trips out were crucial and Tanner’s confidence would play a large part in if she was successful in the future. Grant had been caught in bed with his wife-Paris-best friend’s underage daughter but he had an Ivy League education and a six figure income otherwise with his sociopathic tendencies would Have probably made him an internet troller. Eden thought of Paris Grant’s soon to be ex wife with a black eye and swollen bloody lip. This  case may be a little rougher then Eden thought but Paris deserved justice. Especially  as Grant is a womanizer who likes to prey on young woman who needed rescuing.Grant was a sick puppy and Paris had the right to come to Eden and those who worked with her. This case needed special attention.  Then the phone rang and Mocha answered and asked for the password,the password system was effective and ensured loyal referral based clientele. Those who wanted their dirty little secrets to stay that way. It never  cease to amaze Eden how much people will pay to even the score. Also if the client didn’t have the money for their fee a trade could be done. In Eden’s line of business you have to have many friends willing to help at different times. Tanner was a lost soul as had been Mocha and Eden herself until Malcolm found Eden and trained her to take over the business.Malcolm took in youths to teach them skills they could use in life and not always legal. Training another to follow in her footsteps was only the first phase of Eden’s long term goals. Goals that were put on hold until Eden’s financial status made the goals achievable. It should only take another year or two. Kelly was a homicide detective and he just picked up another case. A dead female named ruby who had one of Eden’s business cards in her hand who had been a past customer. Kelly then proceeds to talk to Eden and feels she is hiding something. Kelly is determined to uncover Eden’s past . Kelly and Eden are attracted to  each other and it builds to more than lust. People are turning up dead from Eden’s past. Then Keely discovers that Eden is the ultimate target of this sick killer. Eden is not sure what to do with Kelly as he is protective and Eden has always taken care of herself.

I liked this story a lot. Eden didn’t actually kill people for her clients but she did get payback to some degree. I like how independent Eden is yet she lets Tanner into her heart and worries about her safety. I liked the action in this book and liked the plot. I also liked how Kelly became protective of Eden. I thought this had a good pace and my attention never strayed from the story. I was also rooting for Kelly and Eden. I liked the characters and how they interacted with each other and i loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.