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Good Story and Characters

Fake Engagement, Real Temptation - Joya Ryan

Blake was at the door of his best friend's - Lane- little sisters - Carrie- hotel room. Blake wanted to check on Carrie as her fiance Kevin had called off the wedding- as he had cheated on Carrie- two days before they were to marry. Blake wanted to make sure Carrie was okay. Kevin had been cheating on Carrie for almost a year. Blake had been in middle school and Carrie had been young when Blake’s mother had died and after that Blake had spent a lot of time with Lane and his family. Blake felt like he couldn’t let Carrie suffer like she was. Blake had yet to see Carrie as she had not left the bridal suite in the last forty eight hours every since she had heard that Kevin called off everything.  Blake had an outdoor guiding business. Blake’s life and job were one hundred percent on his time and agenda.Blake would always be free never love or tied to a woman because the loss that was too much.    Lane was the closest thing Blake had to a brother . Blake and Lane had spent their teenage years playing Uno with Carrie and looking after her. But then graduated from college and moved to the city. Blake had been given a key card to Carrie’s room by Lane. When Blake got into the room Carrie was doing Jazzercise with a half bottle of Jack Daniels at her size. Carrie hadn’t seen much of Carrie since she was a teenager and she was now all woman Carrie had been exercising for eight months on a gym for her bikini ready. Blake didn’t do sad or hurt and Blake became very protective when he saw the tears start in Carrie’s eyes and saw how she was hurting.It was Blake’s job to provide adventures and protective. Anyone and everyone. But especially those closest to him and it was a job he took seriously. Blake asked Carrie how he could help and she asked him if he could take the last two days go away. Blake told Carrie to go on her honeymoon and make it the adventure she wanted. He even mentioned Lane going with ehr to Hawaii to protect her. It turns Lane can’t go so Blake says he will go and then finds Carrie already at the airport. Then Blake finds out Carrie is terrified of flying especially take off but Blake got her through it. Carrie worked at an art gallery and Kevin was an artist that had his work go through said gallery. So Carrie wasn’t so sure she wanted to go back to work there. Carrie’s best friend was Annie and has been her best friend forever. And Annie cheered on Carrie and told her she was strong. Then Carrie learned Kevin and his new girlfriend Wendy and  was in the bungalow next to her that Blake had upgraded trying to help Carrie.Blake first offered to get Carrie home or another place but Carrie said no they would pretend to be together. Then Blake realized why Carrie would not leave Carrie had come to Hawaii for herself , to start fresh, have an adventure, get over Kevin, and return home happier and stronger not defeated. Wendy was everything Carrie wasn’t as far as Carrie was concerned. So Carrie wanted ti have a fake relationship with Blake and she couldn’t let Kevin think she he wrecked her. Blake knew this was a dangerous game he was playing. Then Carrie wanted to stick to the itinerary as if they were a couple. Even though Kevin and Wendy were suppose to do the same activities. So they came up a with a fake relationship and put on a show in front of Kevin and Wendy but it was all fake.

I really enjoyed this story. I don’t think it was really realistic that both Carrie and Kevin would go to Hawaii and go where they would have honeymooned. But I still enjoyed the story. I don’t believe a twenty six year old woman of today would just let someone protect her and more or less babysit her but that didn’t take away from me enjoying the story I loved Blake’s loyalty toward Lane and his family, I felt bad for Carrie but was happy how she handled herself especially when she would no longer be fake and lie. I loved the plot and this was well written. It kept my attention all the way through the story as I was rooting Carrie on. So i loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend,