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Great Story and Characters

The Stubborn Billionaire - Lexxie Couper

Sienna is raising her half brother Zachary/Zach  who is fifteen. Zach is angry, sad, and moody. Sienna had no idea how to raise Zach.  when Zach was with their father he gave Zach everything he wanted and never disciplined him, and Zach’s mother was always in a drug induced fog until she overdosed and died. Sienna’s mother had at least had tried to  instilled some morals in her. Then when Sienna was  fourteen her parents divorced and there was a custody battle until her mom was in a car accident and died/. Zach had to find out by Facebook his mother was dead and his friend told his dad had been arrested. Zach had been raised by nannies that were picked for their looks not their parenting skills. Sienna had just got a call from the private costly school Zach attended and he had been kicked out he had been in a fight and broke an expensive violin as well as Sienna would probably be sued as a girl's wrist had also been broken. Zach was the son of Platinum Joe who had once been the most successful and outrageously talent agent around but now Joe was in jail. For extortion. Mr. Fenchurch told sienna there was no antisocial behavior accepted at Point School. The violin was going to cost Sienna three and a half thousand and they will probably be sued by the little girl who had her wrist broken parent’s. Sienna had cut any ties from her father and his life style eight years ago’ Sienna’s father had a gambling addiction and was in jail for embezzlement. So somehow Sienna was responsible for her father's high court fees . Sienna had a trophy wife step mother who was Zach’s mother until she died from overdosing. Sienna had a one point a very promising art career sienna had planned to do a portrait over the next six weeks that would hopefully win the National portrait prize and restart her floundering career in art. Now Sienna wouldn’t have the money to pay the fee to enter the national contest and pay for materials, framing and entertainment for a prominent Australian figure while they sat for her. It didn’t help that Sienna nor Zach had any kind of normal upbringing. Sienna’s mother had at least tried to induce morals into her. When Sienna was fourteen her parents divorced and there was a custody battle until Sienna’s mom was killed in a car accident. Sienna had to try to rebuild her career . the only thing helping was Sienna’s mysterious benefactor Mason Xavier who still wanted her work. Carrie was Sienna’s best friend and that was who she thought was knocking at her door even if it was a little early for Carrie. Jason Dyson- who was a ruthless billionaire and Australia’s Business man Of The Year- was at Sienna’s door but Jason and Sienna hated each other. Then Sienna asked Jason why he was there and she reminded him how six months ago he had told her never to come near or speak to a member of the Dyson family again. Jason said he had changed his mind. The first time Jason and Sienna had been this close he offered to buy Sienna a drink and they had flirted with each other until he found out who she was. Jason stood for everything Sienna hated: money, greed, and power. Clint was Jason’s dead brother who had committed suicide and Sienna was blamed for his death. According to Clint Sienna was his muse and Clint was a talented artist. The second time Sienna had seen Jason was at Clint’s funeral that Jason had refused to let Sienna attend or even pay her respects to her friend. Then Jason brings up how broke Sienna is and how important her benefactor Mason Xavier was to her who was Jason’s good friend and had arranged for a unique birthday present - a portrait done by a very talented artist Sienna. The way Sienna was acting was not like the gold digger tease Clint had described should act. Jason had plans of revenge by using Sienna then destroying her like she did Clint. Jason called Sienna Clint’s girlfriend but Sienna said they were only friends and when his family turned on him for choosing art school instead of following in Jason’s shoes and joining the family business. she let him stay with her. Jason’s friend Thomas was a famous author and had wanted a picture done by Sienna and Jason arranged it and Thomas now had a portrait in his office Sienna had done. Now Thomas is determined to meet Sienna. Thomas was a good looking, rich and charming man and usually had no problems with the ladies. Jason was bothered by Thomas’s interest in Sienna in Thomas’s eyes.  Son told his friend Jason to back off..

I loved this story it was a very enjoyable read. The plot was absolutely great. I loved the person Sienna was and how independent she was she left her father behind her because of his lifestyle and the people he was with. Sienna took in a man whose family turned their back on him because he wanted to follow his passion and he attacks her when she turns down his marriage proposal yet she forgave him and even felt horrible with Clint’s suicide. She was doing the best she could with her teenage half brother without any idea really how to raise him. Eventually Sienna does reach Zach. I also liked Jason as he almost immediately sensed he may be wrong is his assessment of her as he believed his brother. Also realizing half his problem was the guilt he felt for not sticking up for his younger brother when Clint needed him. But he does realize his mistakes Jason is a very intelligent man,. So to all this is well written story that I loved reading. I loved the characters and how they interacted and the ins and outs and Highly recommend.