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Aftermath - Sandy Goldsworthy

Ben and Molly work for the after world's Bureau Of Investigations. Ben and Molly are immortal. Ben and Molly track serial killers ,stop robberies, and make sure the police can solve tough crimes. By using the powers of the after world they can change their appearance , compel humans to do as they want them to do and use telepathy. Ben wants to find his lost soulmate Elizabeth.When Ben missed her return to the After World -1941- she was given a new life in the human world with no memory of her past life. Ben does find her but he has to win her love again. While trying to find the worst evil criminal ever. But Ben seems preoccupied so Emma -who had been Elizabeth- flirts around with Lucas who is the town’s bad boy. Emma - four years later present time- Is at Highland Park H S - - a senior. Emma’s mom had died. Matt and Emma have known each other since grade school but have been dating only a couple of weeks  Ben- story - he was sent back and now he has a sibling- Claire. Claire and Ben go to Libertyville H S. Claire had only been an agent a couple of centuries so she was considered young. Bianca wants Ben even though he lets her know he’s not interested. Emma has been called to the office two cops are there and her barb is there and broken Emma’s dad had been hit and killed by a car on his way to work. Emma the teen was the woman Ben once knew.. Emma was to move with her aunt Barb and give up everything she ever knew.

I really couldn’t get into this one it really just didn’t work for me. Going back and forth between Ben and Emma , who was once Elizabeth. I just don’t get into reincarnation I am sure someone will love this but it wasn’t for me.