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Great Story and Characters

First Bite is the Deepest: Dances With Werewolves Book Two - Nora Snowdon

Ella and her friend Leanne were at an auction Leanne told Ella she should bid on a picture of wolves to go above her fireplace and Ella got the picture. Two men rushed into the auction and offered Ella fifty dollars for the picture which she had said she paid eight dollars for it Ella went to walk away with her picture one of the men grabbed her arm and Ella  felt warmth usually Ella hated any stranger touching her normally. Ella doesn’t care for really hot looking guys who will not treat her as a equal. Then Ella realized why the one man looked familiar.He was Robert Colbert from Designed By Colbert. He had been on a tv show about how Robert and his team designed and decorated high priced places. Lucas and Robert were brothers and that was a family picture Ella now owned. Jeanette was their sister and was hanging with a Los Lobos gang member and sold the picture.With Jeanette and the Parker family the pack was really getting divided . Lucas was to take over leadership from their father. Robert had an incident with the SPCA and got neutered and that took his ability to become the alpha of the pack as he couldn't produce a future heir to take his place when it was time.  Robert mentioned EL TV had called to talk about a new show. When Ella went into the garage to get her picture hanging things  Robert had been sleeping in wolf form and he bit her. It looked like a wolf but there were no wolves in Seattle. There were several holes in her leg that healed just as quickly before Ella’s eyes. Robert and the pack were werewolves and now Ella would become one. Lucas told Robert he better go to the woman and explain that she was now a werewolf so Robert went to tell her. Ella worked at LoveLifeStyle. Ella told Robert to prove he was a werewolf and he switched forms in front of her.. In six days during the full moon Ella will shift . Ella agreed to go out to dinner with Robert if he gave her an interview about his show as Robert never did interviews. After the show was canceled Robert was offered a couple acting jobs but turned them down as he didn’t feel he would be good at following a script. When Robert asked Ella why journalism Ella said it was rebellion, her mother wanted her to marry and have lots of babies even picked out her mate for Ella and Ella didn’t agree. Ella said maybe someday she would marry but no children she just wouldn’t be a good mom. Robert and the family have to be careful about what they say and do as no one can learn of them being werewolves. Ella’s mom disowned her when she was twenty that was all the true family Ella had. Sher had disowned Ella as she wouldn’t go for the arranged marriage. Robert wanted to sleep with Ella . Ella also wanted Robert. Robert asked Ella to go out again the next night and Ella accepted. But then she had to cancel as it was Leanne’s birthday. Men constantly came to the table once Leanne and Ella were out. Then two men started to fight over Ella and Ella got Leanne and they left. Lucas told him the way he was acting Ella was his mate. Lucas was mated with a human named Rosie and he was very happy with her and didn’t mind giving up his freedom. Lucas said it was worth it. Ella wasn’t Robert’s usual type : sophisticated, women more career driven, and taller women. But every fiber in Robert’s body ached to possess Ella. Robert realized Ella was his mate during sex and he needed Ella to be his forever.

I absolutely loved this story. It was a fun read. It was a fast paced read and kept my attention  and it even made me laugh out loud, I loved Ella’s determination that she wasn’t going to turn at the full moon. I also really liked how out of nowhere all kinds of men are noticing Ella and wanting to be close to her. This just had a delightful plot. It was a quick read and a great read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.