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Great Story and Characters

The Body Market: A Leine Basso Thriller (Volume 3) - D.V. Berkom

A rich couple discover their teenage daughter Elise is missing possibly in a foreign country- Mexico. Elise had been partying with her boyfriend Josh  in Tijuana  Elise is seventeen and it was spring break. Leine kicks cartel butt and is a former assassin. But now Leine is trying to live a real life instead of just running off to the next assignment. Leine’s man is Santiago Jensen who is new to being with just one woman and tries to romance Leine Leine now works for SHEN-  Stop Human Enslavement Now. Santiago works for LAPD he is a homicide robbery detective. Leine would love to use hand grenades and flamethrowers on sex traffickers. Then Josh is found in the car and he has been murdered . Also Leine is getting threats from the cartel ‘Keep away or else’. Leine is determined to get to the truth. The FBI tells Elisa’s parents their hands are tied until they get a demand for ransom. But they had hired Elise and she won't wait she works differently than the agencies. Leine networks with people that can help her accomplish her mission.

I loved this story. Well not what Leine deals with but she does fight human trafficking and I loved that she was willing to risk her life to stop this horrible thing. She was also against organ selling.this is fast paced with a great plot. Definitely keeps your attention and had you at the edge of your seat a lot. It was quiet a red with all the twists and turns in it and I loved that I like that Elise showed some grit and fought for her life and didn’t just act like another spoiled rich kid. There was a lot to this story: suspense,  danger, cartel, twists and turns, retired female assassin , danger,  sex trade, threats, kidnapping, murder, intrigue, heat and even a new romantic relationship and a lot more. I loved the characters and all the twists and turns and the plot itself   and I highly recommend.