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Private Affair - Rebecca York

Angela spent several hours working at her shop and building  up her business. Lately Angela had a feeling someone was watching her. Angela was glad it was only a few steps to her car and it was well lit. Angela’s best friends from HS was Olivia who now had both fame and fortune in the fashion world. Angela hoped to get Olivia to come to their HS reunion. Angela was  in her garage and then she was grabbed and a rope put around her neck. Olivia had returned for the reunion meeting even though HS had been the most miserable years of her life. But Olivia had come after Angela’s death. Olivia had brought Max with her and they were to act like they were together in actuality max partially owned Rockford Security When Olivia went to Rockford Security Max was the only one who could help her. Olivia felt unease about seeing her old classmates. Olivia was attracted to max but didn’t want to be. The main reason Olivia and Max had come to the planning meeting for the reunion was to try to figure out who killed Angela. He had two other people watching them - Shane and Jack . Max and Shane and Jack had pooled their resources to start Rockford Securities more than two years ago. .The men had met in a Miami jail and since they opened new recommendations came from satisfied customers. Olivia was Max's ticket into this group , his best opportunity to meet these people in a casual way . Someone was murdering Olivia’s classmates . three were already dead. There was Angela, Patrick and Gary and the only connection that could be found was that they had been part of the in crowd in H S. Max had been attracted to Olivia back in HS even though he was a couple years older. But Max had been a bad boy back then . Eventually Max uncovers the deaths of Olivia’s classmates are all murder and not an odd accident. Olivia has to tell Max she was raped in HS something she had kept secret until now.

I had mixed feelings about this story. I liked some of the parts but not others. The starting of this story is good but the ending not so much. I found a lot of the story hard to believe. Also it made no sense to me why Olivia would keep some things to herself when she hired Max and his team to help her find out what is really going on. I liked how max wanted to protect Olivia while also trying to find answers. I liked Max and Olivia as characters for the most part. I also liked most of the ins and outs of this story it just didn’t WOW m