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By Mary Jennifer Payne Since You've Been Gone [Paperback] - Mary Jennifer Payne

Edie was fifteen years old when she punched Ranice James in the face and was officially suspended. Edie’s mother Sydney avoids anger like a bad dentist. Then Edie got a phone call from her mom and Sydney told her she needed to pack. Janice was going to be with her mom. Edie was to pack two suitcases not too heavy. Edie and her mom Sydney have been running for the last five years from Edie’s violent dad. Edie and Sydney end up London Sydney ends up with a night shift job and tell Edie to be careful and vigilant. Edie is rude especially to the first person who tries to welcome her to the new school just because the girl was a little weird. Then one night Sydney doesn’t come home from work and just disappears. Edie stole some money from school and with Jermaine Edie sets off to try to find her mother.

I didn’t really care for this story. I didn’t like how Edie stole charitable funds and let someone else who was innocent take the blame. It was also trying to hard to promote racism is wrong as far as I am concerned this is a true subject but don’t go overboard in a short story. This was a short story but still seemed rushed to me. The Biggest thing I really didn't like was Edie herself.