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Good Story and Characters

Captured by Neil Cross (2015-01-27) - Neil Cross

Kenny is dying with terminal cancer and only has a couple of weeks to live left. Kenny has drawn up a list of four people he felt he hadn’t done right and also needed to thank in some cases. One Is Mary his ex wife who is now basically his best friend and her husband is a friend to Kenny also.Then there was Mr. Jegnathron, third was Tommy Kintry and then Callie.  He decides to track down his old middle school friend- Callie who had been sweet to Kenny back in middle school. Kenny had been a loner, and a kid that just didn’t seem to fit in Callie had helped Kenny deal with his mom's death and his father’s mental illness. Then one day Callie just disappeared from Jr. High.  Nowt Callie has disappeared again  and was a mystery and was never found and it has already been a couple years. . Then Kenny starts his own investigation and questions Callie’s husband Jonathan who most believe why Callie is mysteriously missing and Kenny feels Jonathan is hiding something. Kenny’s friend Pat was once a cop and was also helping Kenny look for Callie and he finds in police records where Callie had been in the hospital in 2004 with broken wrists and cracked ribs. Then as time goes on Kenny starts changing and becoming more violent himself.

This was a good story to read a bit on the sad side but real life can be sad so should some stories and I liked this one. It had a great plot . I liked how Kenny wake things right between himself and some people before his time was done. But I did feel it was odd it was a girl from middle school who he really centered on. He is really determined to try to find out what happened to her. I just kinda think he would want to be with people who cared for him more recently but then again that would be his ex wife and her present husband so makes sense to me in a weird way . But I still really enjoyed this story . my heart went out to Kenny as he really wasn’t that old to have such a horrible diagnosis. I liked the ins and outs of this story and the characters and I recommend.