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The God Project - Stan Lee

Elmer only felt  at home in Washington in the summertime. It was empty as Congress wasn’t in session. The Democrats were all in New Orleans at their presidential convention . The Republicans were on the way to the coronation of President McKay. The president himself was still on his ranch in Arizona Elmer was the director of Central Intelligence. Elmer didn’t want to see Stonewall run against President McKay Malenki was out then he was surprised when Elmer walked in . Malenki was an unusual Russian . His parents had immigrated to Brooklyn when Malenki was six months old. Then Malenki was eighteen when his parents emigrated back to The Soviet Union. It meant Malenki could talk and think like an American. Malenki’s biggest failure in America had been that he hadn’t discovered the nature of the new Pentagon project, a satellite had picked up upon it at first : a large compound in Colorado and for once American security held and you couldn’t get near it by land. President McKay was a fanatic and risk taker and it could mean mortal trouble for the Soviet Union. Victories made Elmer sweat as all victories had to be protected. Elmer said to Nye who was with him that they had to worry about over confidence in the White House.

I think I might have picked this one out on accident  I couldn’t get into this although I did try I didn’t realize it was a political type story. I read about 1/3 of this and just couldn’t get any farther it just didn’t hold my interest in any way. I sure someone will really love this just wasn’t for me.