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Good Story and Characters

She Wolf - Sheri Lewis Wohl

Lily was at a spot where there was a paranormal issue that required Lily’s area of expertise. Lily’s handler was Senn. lily was to connect with sheriff Jayne Quarles . Lately Lily has been grumpy and discontent. Lily had been out in the field for years and felt she needed a long vacation and to take some she time for herself. But there was never time for a vacation for hunters. Senn very seldom left the sanctuary of his home in Poland. Every since Senn had returned from his last hunt in Quebec he seemed to isolate himself a little more each year.  Senn was like a father to Lily she would always be there for him as long as she could. Senn was like the only father she had and Lily would always be there for him. The only father Lily had for the last five centuries. At one time Senn at her side and she missed it. There seemed to be a werewolf running crazy and lily was there to stop the werewolf. It was what Lily did what she had been doing for almost three hundred years.  Lily was good at hunting; vampires, gargoyles, witches, warlocks, and werewolves. Especially werewolves as Lily had been bitten a long time ago and herself was a werewolf. Kyle was part of Lily’s team and was a very special type of necromancer and Ava who was a witch. Kyle was in love with Ave but kept it to himself. Kyle raised the dead. Kyle had met Ava on his first mission and right then and there he was a goner for Ava. it was the hunter’s job to fight the creatures of the night that didn’t want to share the world with humans but rather rule the universe and destroy the humans. It was the hunters job to stop them and to keep the peaceful balance between supernaturals and humans. This was Kyle’s first hunt with the legendary Lily Avergne. Everyone in the Jagers knew about Lily. Lily had been a sixteenth century Prussian noblewoman attacked by a werewolf the eve of her wedding Lily had been seventeen. Jayne was gay and had a problem finding someone to love in Colville. Jayne was also the sheriff and having a lot of homicides. Jayne had moved away for awhile and had been a marshall but when her brother lost his battle with cancer she she came back and that had been ten years ago. Her deputy was Sam.The Jagers had contacted Jayne yesterday  and were sending a team to Colville. The Jagers were an open secret in law enforcement but Jayne had avoided their actual presence in any of her investigations until now. Jayne also knew there were things in the world that used to be folk legends and fairy tales and were now understood to be reality. Sam had lived around Colville most of his life except for when he was in college and no animal killed like the corpse they now had and Jayne hated to but Agreed with Sam. Bellona had to get Little Wolf under control or they were going to be in trouble. Bellona had to teach Little wolf better.Bellona was older and far more experienced. The Jagers were a resource when all traditional methods. In law enforcement their status is like that physics, cops didn’t believe but they didn’t disbelieve. When there was nothing else to try the law enforcement called in the Jagers. Lily was also gay and thought was hot. Lily couldn’t remember the last time she went out with a woman, there had been some one night hookups here and there but that was all. Jayne let Lily know she didn’t want Lily  in her town. There were powers above Jayne’s head that wanted Lily and her team there. Then the Medical Examer said that Clayton, Pearl, and Cheryl indicated distinct  signs of an animal attack probably a wolf. Bellona had been alone for centuries and to have someone at her side now was great. Her partners through the years had been few with many years in between . Lily and her team were staying at Jane’s. To prevent fear from spreading . they were going to say Jayne and Lily had met on a dating site and Lily decided to come and actually meet Jayne but her brother Kyle and his wife Ava also came along with Lily. Lily was determined to go where the bodies had been dumped to see what clues her and her team may find so Jayne took them. Jayne knew she needed the help but Jayne didn’t have to like it.   

I really enjoyed this story. I like how Kyle was already in love with Ava but kept it to himself and didn’t pressure her in any way was only happy to be near her. But what Ava and Kyle can do when together is truly magical and is a big asset to the job and humans. I like that Ava could ground Kyle when he's messed up from what ge has seen and heard  with the contact of the murder victims.  I also really liked when Jayne and Lily start to trust each other and Lily lets Jayne see her change into a werewolf to help Jayne believe. This story had a great plot with twists and turns that I really liked. It dragged for me sometimes but I still really enjoyed this story and I loved the characters.and I recommend.