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Wolves' Triad - Lauren Dane

Tracy knew werewolves mated for life and she was a werewolf. When tracy found Nick who is an Enforcer and second for the Pacific pack Tracy was very happy. Nick and Tracy knew after the mating bond began they would need a third werewolf to be an anchor for their bond to be complete and successful. This would help balance Tracy in the bond. Then Tracy meets Gene who's with the National pack but  is more mature and calm and he offers to be an

werewolf and he offers to become the anchor for Nick and Tracy. But then Tracy develops feelings for Gabe as well as for Nick. this causes a very rare thing to happen called a  tri mate bond the first time this had happened in fifty years. Things have to change though until they work for all three werewolves involved. But there was problems in the werewolf pack  pack and and danger from Warren Pellini and the werewolf Mafia. There really wasn’t much time for anything. Tracy was the youngest sister of the Cascadia Wolves ruling family.

I had mixed feelings about this story. It was fast paced yet some things just happened a little too quickly. I liked the thought of a tri mate bond and how it was explained as why a anchor was needed. I liked how Tracy knew what she wanted ands wasn’t afraid to stand up for it. There was a lot to this story : love, twists and turns, lust, action, werewolves, tri mate bond, danger. Werewolf mafia, money laundering, assault, suspense, intrigue, kidnapping and more. The sex scenes were hot. But  something that oftens ruins a story or a good rating occurred here which is a cliff hanger and I hate those. So this quickly became a three.