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Great Story and Characters

Diablo Lake: Protected - Lauren Dane

Aimee went over to Katie Faith’s house , Katie was Aimee’s best friend. Roses in December meant a witch lived in Diablo lake and gave the earth her power. There were men building things near Katie’s house and Katie’s husband Jace was one of them. The men were also werewolves and hot. Aimee thought they should be on a calendar and thought it would be a fantastic idea for a fund raiser for the organization Aimee worked for. Jace smiled in surprise at Aimee’s new short haircut and Damon who was one of Jace’s brothers said he liked it. Katie wanted to know why the haircut and Aimee said she needed alcohol and then proceeded to tell Katie that Bob had called over six months after they stopped seeing each other,three years ago Aimee had met Bob through her job as a rural social worker. Bob worked at one of the agencies the grant that funded her job came from. Bob and  Aimee saw each other off and on for three years finally completely ending everything a little over six months ago. Aimee hadn’t spoken to or seen Bob in this time and didn’t miss him. It had been fun but never was permanent, even if they had wanted to get serious Bob was human. Bringing a human to a Diablo Lake was a big deal; marrying into the community took dedication and a real match and that wasn’t what Aimee had with Bob. When Bob called Aimee she told him she had already moved on but he asked her to come and talk to him for just a couple of minutes. Aimee had as many shots of alcohol already as when Darrell had run off with another woman and left Aimee at the altar and Aimee had to tell Katie. But then Aimee told Katie how Bob had told her he was married and had been for fifteen years and had five kids he was a porn addict and this was one of his steps  to recovery he came to Aimee to make amends. Aimee didn’t feel guilty about her time with Bob she had no idea he had been married with kids but he had used Aimee and made her the other woman and Aimee felt dirty and bad. Katie had returned to Diablo  Lake as her dad had suffered a heart attack that almost took his life. Katie came back to run the Soda factory and to support her family. But Katie also found love in the form of  Jace But now the town was in an uproar and the wolves back and forth had brought the witches into the mess. The town of Diablo Lake was a magical place but the more drama and anger that happened the harder the land had to work to connect the witch's magic. Aimee was a green witch or a nurturing witch, she wanted to make things better for humans and animals and bring life wherever she went. Macre/Mac Pambry left London to come back home to Diablo Lake when his dad called and said his family needed him. Mac had just spent a long day trying to get Pambry wolves back on track as a business. His mom Scarlet seemed ready to have a nervous breakdown and his dad Dwayne and his brother Darrell  were on the outs with the witches. Mac had been home two months . Mac had spent years in the Army then went back to college preparing himself to come back and lead his pack.Mac literally bumped into Aimee at the bar. Aimee went back to her friends after her and Mac spoke for a couple of minutes. Mac was attracted to Aimee but her best friend was married to Mac’s archrival who his mom seemed to have a never ending hate for as well as Aimee’s best friend Katie.but the alienation between the wolves and witches was starting to feel normal and that had to be stopped. One night on her way home Aimee had stopped at the market as she had no food at home and she was hungry she almost got ran over by two werewolves but at the last minute Mac appeared and plucked her out of the way then Mac went to yell at the wolves. Later that evening Mac showed up at Aimee’s door t5o apologize . he kissed Aimee a soul scorching kiss and asked her to go to dinner with him the next night. Aimee agreed and Katie and Jace would join them to show the wolves members of both packs could be friends and also get along with the witches. Aimee starts sleeping with Mac and soon they are a couple But Mac’s mom Scarlet and dad Dwayne and brother Darrell are still causing havoc everywhere. Also Scarlet was saying and starting rotten hurtful rumors about Katie. Finally Aimee is talked into running for mayor against Dwayne who is the present mayor and hasn’t been doing his job. Scarlet seems to accept Aimee this way the Pembry pack can also have its own powerful witch but Aimee also senses something is really eating at Scarlet. Mac is very protective of Aimee and she even gets to see him shift and they play in the snow together. Soon Aimee and Mac discuss a future together even though things are happening super fast . mac becomes Prime of his pack and most of the pack is behind Mac he can feel it. But not his father and Darrell or Darrell’s friends. Darrell is spoiled and nothing but a troublemaker. Mac knows his father won’t step down and he will have to fight him to take over the pack and start to fix things. Then Dwayne announces how Aimee had been with a married man and calls her a whore and that she was unfit to be mayor or part of his pack.

I loved this story. A new favorite for me. It had a fast pace and a great plot. I loved how Mac knew he would be going against his family to start something with Aimee. Also how Mac defended Aimee to anyone who tried to hurt her in anyway even his dad and brother. I loved Katie’s and Aimee friendship it was beautiful to see. I also like how Mac just uprooted the life he had to come back home. I also liked the fact Jace and Mac respected and liked each other even with the problems going on.  The only thing I would have added is what was wrong with Scarlett and eating at her. Otherwise a perfect book as far as I am concerned i loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.