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Great Story and Characters

Hooked on Trouble (Over the Top) - Kelly Siskind

   Raven and her friends Shay and Lily were at a nude beach. Raven is looking for her sister Rose.Raven hasn’t seen Rose since she was nine years old.Raven felt if it wasn’t for her Rose would have never left.When raven was turning nine she had earned some money and bought a black shirt and taken her mother’s dragonfly pin to wear on her birthday thinking it would make the shirt. Raven hadn’t known her father had planned to pawn it that day and he blamed rose he almost beat Rose to death with Rose screaming she hadn’t taken it. Raven sat by knowing she had taken the pin and let Rose be beat for it. Rose left the next day. .  Raven has moved to Vancouver to be with her friends but she also had a tip rose may be there.Over a year ago raven had waken up next to Nico in Aspen and then nothing but she knew she would be seeing him as her best friends boyfriends were Nico’s best friends. The girls wanted to try to start an events business with Lily’s attention on design, Shay’s interior design skills could transform space,  and raven could use her photography to document an event. Nico was a cop. When in Aspen raven had opened up to Nico Raven had told Nico things she had never shared with another person not even Shay or Lily. But then Nico never got a hold of Raven after that night. Oddly enough it still hurt Raven. Nico had been hoping for a chance meeting with Raven as she had been in Vancouver a month now. Then she was at the police station he worked out of as her wallet had been taken with her ID credit cards and money. Nico passed her off to another cop to work with her on the theft. Nico had been fantasizing about raven for sixteen months and had not been with another women since the night in Aspen with Raven. Raven was the only girl Nico wanted to date but he had hurt hr and he knew that. Nico’s brother got arrested for stealing a car that was loaded down with meth. He was innocent and was set up but Nico had yet to get a confession he needed to prove it. Raven had kept men at arms length she hadn’t even realized she was lonely until she was with Nico after that one night Raven had learned what she was missing.and then Nico let Raven know he had been with anyone since the night with her which had been sixteen months ago. Every since Raven’s seventeenth birthday Lily bought raven gifts . for on that birthday Lily had asked raven’s father what they were going to do to celebrate Raven’s birthday  he had said celebrate what that she drained our account. Raven.s dad was angry as Raven had used the money he wanted to gamble with to buy some vegetables. Raven told Nico Lily had bought her camera for her. Raven loved shooting street life and color. Nico tells Raven he will help her look for Rose. Raven decides to at least try one date with Nico. Raven also had the idea of a photographic essay on street life. She had gotten a job as a goofer with a great photographer and was learning a lot. Her grandmother came to Raven one night and showed her she cared and Raven started to turn her life around. But her grandmother had been on the streets and this added to Raven's desire to do that essay.  Nico said he wanted to help her with that also as his brother had been on the streets for awhile. Raven was drawn to the street people as well as their stories. Raven tells Nico about the stories behind all her tattoos but one and that is the dragonfly with the red eyes on her ribs. She wasn’t ready yet and Nico respected that and would wait. Then she finally told Nico about the pin and what happened after that . Nico gave Raven an address where Rose may be. Eventually raven finds Rose at a local shelter and lets her move into her apartment not listening to Nico when he told her to go slow and it blows up in her face and she lost Nico.

I loved this story. I loved the connection that would not be broken between Nico and Raven and how they both realize how special that is. I love how Nico is there for raven and she is there for him. I love how Nico’s family welcomed Raven in and she tried to help Nico’s family when she could. I felt horrible how Rose used and hurt Raven. So yes i felt like I was there my attention never drew away from the story. The plot was great as was the writing. What can I say I loved this story another new favorite now. I absolutely loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.