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Good Story and Characters

Midnight Everlasting - S.M. Stelmack

Zephanie belongs to one of the most powerful criminal clans in the tunnels under London.there is a whole different society in the undergrounds than above. Zephanie and her family live and have their business in the Midnight. Zephanie’s family makes a living setting up negotiations between criminals most of the time. This way there is a safe place for the criminals to meet. Zephanie enjoyed her simple life leading people into the tunnels content not to be in charge. Even though she is the rat princess. But then her family’s business is attacked with some of her family killed and also some of their clients. Why were the Rawheads all of a sudden attacking the Midnight after all these years. Zephanie knows she must step up and be the Rat Queen and lead her people. But she needs Tom's  help to find a hacker who had been kidnapped during the attacks. Tom is a private detective that is pretty successful at finding missing  people.  However ten years ago his son came up mysteriously missing and his marriage crumbled as his wife blamed Tom. but Tom hasn’t given up on his son. Zephanie tells tom she may have some information on his son but in return he has to help her find the hacker she is looking for. Zephanie thought she knew everything about London’s underbelly but Zephanie finds out that there was a lot she didn’t know as Tom and her start investigating the missing hacker. Also the world's most dangerous terrorist was in London- Rander MacMurphy. Tom and Zephanie hunt for the hacker and Tom’s son but also an evil group working with the Rawheads- an underground species. They have to find this evil group before it takes over the world. Tom and Zephaniah go through mental institution, underground buried cities, buried ancient temples, and horrible mazes to stop the evil group. Zephanie and Tom seem to fall for each other as they go on with their investigation.

This book was interesting and I can certainly say very different. In this case that was a good thing. I love how Tom refused to give upon his son and didn’t become bitter like his ex wife. He still  had hope even after ten years. It was a good plot even with a different type of story I didn’t really care that all of a sudden Tom and Zephanie were in Insta love which I am not really a fan of as I feel that it just lust really. But that is my opinion. I loved the twists and turns of this story. The characters are unique but very  good. I recommend this story especially if you want a different read that will keep your interest.