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Freeing Her (A Hart Brothers Novel #1): The Hart Brothers Series (Volume 1) by A. M. Hargrove (2014-07-26) - A. M. Hargrove

Gabriella/ Gabby had a horrible past where her father made her feel unwanted and never believed her. Gabby’s mom was an alcoholic. Then Gabby's cousin Danny repeatedly raped Gabby and no one believed Gabby especially since Danny could be a charmer to hide who he was Gabby even attempted suicide as she felt so helpless. But she got herself together and put herself through college and medical school with the help of student loans and became a psychiatrist so she could help others by facing their demons and dark pasts which Gabby has run from her own for the past sixteen years. Gabby is drowning in debt but she still has her heart and when she isn’t working Gabby’s volunteers and keeps herself busy so she doesn’t have to deal with the trauma from her past. Then gabby got a phone call from her cousin Danny letting her know she wasn’t forgotten after all the years he had Gabby alone. Also he wants t5o renew their relationship and he didn’t forget her or how it was. Gabby falls apart inside and goes to a bar and gets drunk. Kolson notices Gabby and decides to play the white knight and give her a ride home but then Gabby passes out and Kolson doesn’t know where she lives so he takes Gabby to his home. For some reason Kolson feels protective toward Gabby But Kolson has his own past also, he had fought to get out from under his father. Kolson even started by driving a cab but worked up to owning his own business and Kolson is now rich. Kolson puts a security detail on Gabby to make sure she is safe with Danny trying to get to her. Kolson gets Gabby to talk about her past by sex favors. He introduces Gabby to his BDMS lifestyle. The more Kolson gets to know about Gabby the more he wants to know. Gabby tries to get to get Kolson to lean on her and let out his past. Eventually he does at least let her know it has to do with her dad and the dark.

I had mixed feelings about this story. There were parts I really liked and there were parts I didn’t care for. I liked how the author showed hope for drug addicts rape and violent abuse victims. That is so very great!  I liked that Kolson is there for Gabby even if they become involved rather quickly. I also loved the fact that Gabby chose a profession to try to help others who had darkness and deep pain in their past. But I didn’t like that Gabby so readily went into the BDSM lifestyle with Kolson after what Danny did to her especially not knowing Kolson that well. I also thought it was pretty stupid Gabby got so drunk knowing that Danny threatening her and she passes out in a stranger’s arms. There was also too many POV the absolutely worst and disgusting one I could have done without was Danny’s POV where he thinks about raping Gabriella again and and then the flashbacks when he had raped her several times. Some of the story did choke me up and also angered me how Gabriella’s family would not believe her. Some parts of this story seem to drag at times. Some things in the story just didn’t gel for me. Then worst of all it ended in a cliffhanger and I absolutely hate cliffhangers. So as I said I have mixed feelings.